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A Journey to becoming a Vegetarian. We cannot just give it up “cold turkey”!

9 Heart it! Ashley K. Gallagher 356
October 9, 2018
Ashley K. Gallagher
9 Heart it! 356

I have been on my journey to being a Vegetarian for almost 2 years now. I have friends and coworkers and complete strangers ask me about becoming a Vegetarian. One common thing I hear is how they have thought about doing it or even tried to do it and the longest they could “hold out” was a month, maybe less. What I have realized is that we cannot just give up meat “cold turkey” (no pun intended). If we want to commit to this lifestyle and really make the change, we have to allow ourselves the journey. First, let’s  understand why we are giving up meat. Is it because we want to live healthier? Lose weight? Is it because we are sensitive to animals and the way they are treated and slaughtered for humans to eat them? What is your reason? No matter what it is, know it and stand by it. People will make us question our decision and if we’re not confident in our reason, we may just give up from double guessing ourselves. You’re reading this article so chances are you don’t mind doing your research.

It started when I got my braces as a 30 year old woman and the meat would get stuck and I found it so uncomfortable. But even so, any type of meat would always make my stomach and intestines feel so blah and bloated.  So I started researching the health benefits of not eating meat and then that lead me to researching the slaughter houses. I don’t want to ruin your breakfast while you’re reading this but let’s just say that’s more than enough to make any sensitive soul go vegetarian, or even vegan.

Next, everything in life is a process. One day we tell ourselves, “I’m starting my journey today!”. I started by giving up red meats. Pork, steak, lamb and yes, that meant bacon. Once we decide to give up red meat, we still have chicken and turkey options. We chose these options as meals for the next month or two. You would be surprised how many ways we can prepare a chicken breast. Okay… enough of that. Goodbye Pollo Loco!  At this point we’re just eating seafood. This could be fish, shellfish or my beloved… SUSHI!!! Maybe you’re not a seafood person, that’s okay…. so keep eating your white meat until you’re ready. A couple more months pass by…

Ugh….. are you tired of it all yet? You can do it, stick to it. You will love yourself for this journey. I promise.

Now, we’re ready. We can’t even look at another piece of salmon. When we go out to eat we start choosing the vegetarian options on the menu. We start looking up vegetarian recipes on the internet. We’re shopping at Aldi’s or Trader Joe’s and buying organic sweet potatoes, zucchinis and veggie burger patty’s (which by the way, are my favorite thing to pair with a side of veggies. No bun of course).  If you have to, make your significant other or roommate purchase their own meat to add to the home cooked vegetarian meals you’re making. I have had to take this route in my home. I only cook vegetarian meals at home so if the dear wants a chicken breast with it, he can purchase it himself and I’ll add it to his plate. After all, we are here to support each other on our separate but together journeys. 🙂

*Wiping sweat from forehead* Whoa, we made it! We accomplished our goal! How do you feel? Keep in mind that this isn’t a fade trend or a moment we’re having. This is a lifestyle and we are contributing positively to our world by maintaining this Journey. The more we stop eating meat, the less animals have to be….. well, you know. I wish you luck my friend. May your journey bring more awareness to those around you.

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9 Heart it! Ashley K. Gallagher 356
9 Heart it! 356

lckyirish02 Oct 9, 2018 9:06am

What a very good read! I really want to switch to this life style i think it will take some time for sure but I’m not opposed to doing it and thank you for all your information.

    Ashley K. Gallagher Oct 9, 2018 1:38pm

    It takes time to completely go vegetarian and it truly is about your very own personal journey. I think you should give it a go!

debgirl07 Oct 9, 2018 10:31am

Thank you Ashley you reminded me , how important eating HEALTHY is to me .And how personal this really is .I’m ready to start My Journey.

    Ashley K. Gallagher Oct 9, 2018 1:39pm

    That is so great to hear! I’m so happy! ?

kristalgoldman Oct 9, 2018 11:15am

Ashley this is a great article! Thanks for sharing your tips and journey to becoming vegetarian. I am very curious about this because overall i want to be healthy and eat clean.

anonymous Jul 29, 2021 9:00am

Amazing article ❤️

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