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Dear Angry White Man. {Poem}

9 Heart it! Jenni Lynne 173
October 29, 2018
Jenni Lynne
9 Heart it! 173

Dear angry white man,

I know this is hard to hear, but I love you.

I do not know you personally, but I know many men like you.

I may not know exactly why you are angry

But I know anger runs through you.

I can see it and feel it

I love you anyway.


I grew up with men like you,

I can feel anger and rage from toxic masculinity from miles away

It was prevalent in my childhood and even now today.

I have to say; sometimes it makes me stay with you too long.

You know you are toxic

You stand strong in your fear

What you do not see, you pretend to hear.


I know you need love, affection and understanding

I recognize your plight.

You simply want to be heard

Recognized for the damage you endured,

While you were little and there was no light.

I can feel your rage as you watch the people you love to hate

Alongside the women you fear,


I know it’s hard to hear, but I love you.


It is said that men should not feel so deeply

I say, how can men not?

Tremendous pressure in caring for humanity

A heavy burden to bear, women are not treated equal

Yet we take on your fair share.

Responsibility standing in your truth,

You are not fulfilling your manly couth

This is why you are angry.


You hurt, you yell and kill

Maybe not with guns, although some of you do

An angry voice doesn’t stand still

Committing murder with words,

Is very hard to spiritually, undo.


Please stop for a moment and understand

If you are an angry white man

I understand you need to cry

You were never allowed to shed any tears

You held them in for all these years.

Our society has done you great harm

Angry men have no charm.


Feeling lost and forgotten you found some friends

In your mindless thoughts where there is no end;

To the murderous thoughts that will soon find mend,

When you gun down the innocent,

So your pain can end.


You abuse those who are smarter than you

Making it hard for some to love you

Using ignorance as your shield.

You push us away, when all we want to do, is reach out.

Everyone can see you, have no doubt.

It may be scary to see

What would it be like if you were truly free

Of your anger and fear that ignites the deep and dark sea,

Inside you.


I ask of you now,

Angry white man, please come see

What your life would be like,

If you knew, the Tree of Life.

This is not just the place where you murdered us down;

But truly a place,

Where people are crowned, by God.

Our peaceful place will not give way

To the things you said on our dying day.

You took from us, what has no end,

Our loved ones lives,

Forever lend us to our Scripture.


Our loved ones are now in a place where there is no pain

You will surely stand a reign

Of judgment.

I will love you through it.

Misty dust within the vein of pain,

You must now heal yourself.

You will get there.


Seventy angels came down this day

As I sat at home beginning to pray

The same Hebrew words being sung that day

As at, the Tree of Life.


My soul united with them as they rose

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael; Torahs’ prose,

Unavoidably numbers grow.

In Pittsburg that day we connected,

Through the loss you have caused the collective.


My heart is breaking open for you

Writing you this letter, all I can do

I am stuck here, angry at you

Knowing anger does not speak to solution.

So I let go, like the Torah says,

And I let the pain, change to love.


Hurt people hurt, this is a fact of life.

So in my heart and broken strife

I will not share your anger.

I will move forward with everything I have,

Transforming good from bad

I will sacrifice my desire to be mad,

And love you,

Through the eyes of our Creator.


Written by Jenni Lynne ~ Elephant apprentice.

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9 Heart it! Jenni Lynne 173
9 Heart it! 173

Melissa Baker Oct 29, 2018 4:57pm

Oh, Jenni! This is beauty and perfection. Thank you for using your words for good, and to help us to heal. I struggle with my own rage about how far we have fallen, and feel strongly about adding a positive vibe over the desire to shake someone. Your words have power. Love and light to you and yours.

Heidi McArdle Oct 30, 2018 7:24am

Heartfelt, and thoughtful. Thanks, Jenni Lynne

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