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It’s the last quarter of the year. Let’s end it stronger and healthier!

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September 27, 2018
Prachi Agarwal
1 Heart it! 307

We get all excited, thoughtful, and filled with new intentions and possibilities at the start of a new year. By the time last quarter knocks our doors, our goals may have slipped way past due to our laziness, other commitments etc. For most of us they are hazy and we look expectantly towards the approaching new year to press the reset button in our lives.

Most of us started the year with some fitness goals.  Time to asses and take a stock on how we fared through this year. Were we committed, or did excuses and lack of time and motivation push the goals at the backseat of our busy lifestyles? Were the methods to achieve those goals sustainable?

October is already here!! Let’s finish the year calmer, stronger and healthier before we step into 2019. Why? Because there is nothing more important than to be dis-ease free. Because there is nothing cooler or sexier than to be healthy both in mind and body. Nothing more precious than to be aware of your breath, body and mind and specially to be in control of your emotions. Our emotions, be it negative or positive – they have the capacity to manifest themselves physically in our body. Any and every dis-ease is caused by some emotion lurking within us.

Just as every athlete knows the importance of holding up and giving the very best at the end to make it to finish line stronger, let’s give these last three months of 2018 all the focus and commitment to our health so that we start the new year not looking forward to reset ourselves but to continue stronger, happier and healthier than before.

A few tips to ease out into the healthy routine:

  1. Give 5 minutes of mindfulness to yourself before sleeping.

– Talk to your body about how grateful you are for it
– Ask for forgiveness for whatever body abuse you made it go through – junk food, stressful day, not listening to its need. The list can go on.
– List 5 things that you are thankful for in the entire day
– Anything that went wrong will be worked upon tomorrow, as tomorrow is a new day.
– Sleep with a smile on face.

Fun Fact: Did you know? If you tell your body that you need to wake up at a certain time, you can actually wake up at that time, no matter when you have slept and that too without an alarm clock. Give it a try.

2. Get up and give yourself again 5 minutes before getting on to the other routine.

– Be grateful for the life given on the new day.
– Actively visualize your intentions/desires as if they are being enacted on a stage in front of you and you are a spectator. Feel the emotions.
– What 5 good things you can do for others.
– Forgive one person or a thing. Yes, every single day. Forgiving unconsciously releases energy blocks in our bodies. You will not realize immediately but over a few days , you will notice the lightness in your spirit and body.

3. Drink 3 glasses of water while sitting before brushing.

4. Meditate. Just sit in one place with eyes closed and let thoughts flow by. Keep the focus on your breath. Start by putting an alarm for 10 minutes so that you don’t get up. It helps in emptying the mind. Won’t happen in one day. But yes, will happen slowly after a month.

5. Reduce mobile, tab, computer, TV screen time consciously.

6. Eat your dinner before 6:30 pm. If hungry after that eat fruits, cooked veggies but nothing 2 hours before bedtime.

7. Give up or reduce junk i.e., all packaged items. Let go of sugar. Replace with jaggery. Introduce millet in your diet. Human body does not need so much food that we eat. We mostly eat for palette now and not for satisfying the hunger. Eat less.

8. Journal your thoughts, to do list, desires, complaints etc. Daily! Even if its just for a few minutes. It brings clarity to your own thoughts.

9. Minimize your belongings. What you buy, what you hoard, what you wear. We do not need so much clutter. The more we have out, the lesser we have in.

10. Just let go. We are a mere spec in the entire universe. The only purpose we have is to be happy and not to add on to anyone else’s misery. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

11. Last but not least, exercise. Move your body in a way that you can sustain that movement through the life. We eat, breathe and brush daily. Our bodies need to move daily to burn what we eat daily. Hoping to burn whatever has been accumulated over a period of time in a short while is disastrous to health, if you cannot maintain the same regime throughout. Do something which is sustainable for you over long run. There is no quick fix.

Eleven points to go with for next few months and rest assure 2019 will start stronger and healthier.

See you on the other side of 2019!

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1 Heart it! Prachi Agarwal 307
1 Heart it! 307

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