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Morning thoughts from a Democrat.

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May 14, 2018
Denise Boehler
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This morning, I take a look at the world outside

I don’t like seeing what’s there.

Anger, suffering, indifference to it all.

Greed, violence, abuse of power, exploitation,

The world – my world – feels too full and overflowing.

I turn away,

Fighting the energy of cynicism

Tell despair, Go away.

Shout at helplessness, You can leave now, too.

It’s like the childhood refrain,

Rain, rain, go away, come back again, some other day.

Except, in my arid world, too sunny so thirsty for water every day,

I bless the rain, call forth the clouds,

Empty your bounty on the land, we need it so.

I turn again to the green of the noon, the sun mirrored in raindrops on the blades to the east

I call forth other things to look at, to listen to,

Good things for my heart to know.

The people trying, the persons creating

The rivers flowing, the dogs playing.

I will vote in November,

Make calls in May

Democracy is in my blood, the lifeline of my father

Born on other lands

The opportunities were here, war was at his back

So many places to turn my awareness

So many directions, my head swirls with all.

The only place I can see beyond the smallness of dark moments

Is in the sky, above it all…

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0 Heart it! Denise Boehler 8
0 Heart it! 8

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