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Most Wanted: A Human Body. We shall all love our body and this life more than ever before.

2 Heart it! Cendrine Sauvenier 83
October 26, 2018
Cendrine Sauvenier
2 Heart it! 83

Most of my life I followed the Yogic principles of Karma as the reason for being here, living this life.


With my little understanding of those ancient teachings, if I have a human body it I means that I have karmic debts to repay and that now is the time for me to do it. I’d better be super good.


Based on that, most of my life, I felt that my human body wasn’t a gift, it was a chain that my soul had to put up with.


I hadn’t chosen to be here, I had been forced to by my own past actions. I was forced to suffer. I had to learn to endure my sufferings in silence and acceptance.


Moreover, I was supposed to be feeling grateful for it, as I was then purging my soul from my past actions. I’d better not do anything bad again or I would be staying here forever, trapped in the wheels of lives.


Did that way of perceiving life make me feel happy, empowered and vibrant? Quite the opposite…


All I could see were the mistakes I was making.


I have always loved to party, and I am very flirtatious. Anger has always been a big issue in my life and I have told so many little lies to get out of trouble that really, seriously, I’ll be trapped here forever.


Even my intense meditation practice, yoga and good deeds could never compensate all my sins in this life, so what about all that I did in previous lives, how could I ever repay that?


This concept also cut me from you, my fellow human friends… It made me see the world as one hell, where most of us are broken souls, lost in the wheels of lives, doomed for all eternity.


It made me see our beautiful vibrant earth, our community of human beings, as a place where I actually didn’t belong, a place I wanted to leave more than anything else, never to come back again.


What I believed in, shaped my reality.


Then, something changed…


Since childhood, I had been highly intuitive, receiving messages from my friends in spirit, seeing things that other people couldn’t. Yet, as you know, it didn’t make me feel happy and connected.


How ironic is this? Those gifts were not really gifts to me, as I didn’t accept them from a place of joy and gratitude. They were more anomalies making me feel even more disconnected from others.


I remember walking down the street one day, feeling light beings around me. It was just a quick moment of pure awareness: those beings were my friends, my crew, I was just the one who had the human body.


I can tell you, what I felt then, I had never felt before… It was true joy, connection, a sense of peace and total surrendering.


What if???


But I quickly brushed away that idea. I couldn’t possibly have been part of such an awesome crew of light beings, because really, who was I to say that?


I was – and still am – the opposite of perfect! How pretentious of me to think I could actually be an enlightened being already!


It took me many years of receiving messages like that, many deep meditations, hypnotherapy sessions, past lives regressions, light bulbs, spiritual exercises and personal aha! moments for the penny to actually drop; for my whole reality to shift.


Yes, I am a light being, I am a spark of the divine. I am, like every single human being on this earth is.


We just have forgotten, too busy focusing on how difficult life is, on our own personal ambitions. Too busy being busy, too wired to fears, negativity, judgment and suffering; we actually can’t even imagine that we are the angels, all of us.


When that shift occurred within me, my whole reality changed. My belief system was shaping my reality of suffering and isolation. My new massive light bulb had connected me to the part of myself that had been missing the most: joy.


Everything changed quickly after that. I started loving my body, my life, other human beings and the earth like never before. Love was permeating my whole Self. Gratefulness for being here brought me inner power and confidence.


In my deep meditations I asked if I could see why our soul so much wanted to come here.


What I saw and what I heard was this:


We come to earth to learn, to play, to experience materiality, the senses and the emotions. All of us, super souls, have decided to incarnate on earth to fast track our learning.


For that, we have been given the most precious gift ever: a human body.


There are only so many human bodies available at one time, yet billions of souls want to come to experience life on earth. So really, once we get this most wanted human body, we’re the lucky ones.


We only get a body if we really want to. We are never forced to come to earth because, intrinsically, we are free.


We are the warriors of light, the courageous souls who come here in this human world with the desire to learn and to grow, knowing that it will be hard, that we will suffer, that we will bond deeply with other beautiful souls, only to watch them leave us over and over again.


We will experience the tears of joy, love in many forms, the pleasures of the senses and all of the positive and negative sides of the society we have created, together.


We know it will be hard, but we come full of joy and courage.


But because we have forgotten who we truly are, sparks of the divine, we turn against our body, our greatest gift, the one material thing that we can’t separate from. We turn against it, against others, against the earth, thinking with fear, guilt and personal ambitions.


I saw that when we commit despicable crimes on others, when we sin, after we die, we wait, we are not forced to come back.


We will return, eventually, to experience again and have a chance to heal our soul and others, to make amend. But only when we choose to, only when we are ready.


The human body is never the chain of the soul, it is its liberator.


Let’s all treat it accordingly.


I would never discriminate the immense value of the ancient teachings of yogic philosophy.


I still practice and follow them to the best of my abilities.


Rejecting one philosophy, one religion, one belief system entirely for another is not really the point as it brings more separation.


What we can do, is learn, practice, grow and keep our horizons open, in total love, and acceptance of the many manifestations of the divine truth.


Believe in what you want my fellow human beings.


I would just like to encourage you to feel what your belief system does to your soul.


How happy, vibrant and connected are you?

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2 Heart it! Cendrine Sauvenier 83
2 Heart it! 83

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Chris Tillman Nov 20, 2018 5:38pm

You are absolutely right on, Cendrine. I learned the truths about our human experience from Unity church and Michael Newton in “Journey of Souls”. And you have stated them beautifully and powerfully.

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