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Musings of a Kabbalist: Donald Trump.

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August 17, 2018
Jenni Lynne
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Now that Donald Trump has been President for a couple years, it seems a good time to initiate a transformative discussion about some Spiritual curriculum being taught to humanity, specifically Americans, with the help of our current political administration.

In no way am I suggesting the administration is aware of their spiritual teachings but rather, I have been deeply captivated by the spiritual lessons POTUS and his team have presented me, personally, and I feel compelled to share.

As anyone who has a relationship with Spirituality or anyone who wants to be a good person, knows, it is humanities job to enact inspiration and kindness upon our neighbors, while outwardly rejecting inequality, separation, oppression and segregation.

I have studied many religions, for many years and I promise you, they all say love your neighbor, albeit with different vernacular.

This said and considering, more than three quarters of the worlds citizens subscribe to one or more of the worlds main spiritual systems, it is deeply perplexing and disturbing as to why we are in the predicament we are in.

If it is true and this many people have an authentic relationship with Spirit, then how is it possible that we are in such turmoil? For anyone who thinks critically, you have been thinking about this too, I know. And, maybe up until now, the answer to this question has been personal… between you and God or maybe just you and you.

At this point however, I move to openly discuss the ever-personal relationships we have with God and talk about God as a collective; lets stop hiding behind our religious symbols, separate worship halls and different written doctrines and truly come together as One Nation, Under God!

I’m on a soapbox, its true.

Since the beginning of time, the human experience has encompassed great strife and division. Beginning with Adam and Eve passed through antiquity, the disconnection and separation we are feeling within our homes and families, although disturbing, is not new.

Furthermore, 200+ million people in America alone have a personal relationship with God. That’s well over the 51% necessary for a tipping point to occur! Additionally, because of that fact alone, we should have no problem turning around our upside down system and begin creating peace within our homes and the communities around us!

Why is this not happening?

Truth be told, if a majority of us truly have a relationship with God and/or our Spiritual Selves, then we ALL, have the answer, and peace is right at hand!

To optimistic, you say? No way, and here is why.

Donald J. Trump. Yep, our POTUS. The current leader of the free world.

It has been presented to me through a few of my Kabbalah teachers the idea that in the spiritual plane, God chooses our world leaders. This teaching has not been easy to wrap my head around, especially considering who, Donald Trump, is. Right? I’m not a fan.

Make Love Great Again.

However and with that said, for my own peace of mind and for the sake of my relationship with the Creator, I have personally spent countless hours over the past couple years, meditating on this teaching, continuously allowing it to digest. After thorough reflection, I have come up with two answers as to why the Creator chose DJT as our leader, one scientific and one spiritual.

Spiritual Principle

1.What we see in others is that which we see within ourselves.

Scientific Principle

2. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of Light, if there is darkness there is merely a lack of Light

No matter which way we slice it Donald Trump is a child of God, just like you and me, he is worthy of everything we are worthy of; he is our equal, our spiritual brother, he is not better or worse. He is equal. If you are anything like I was, you are reading this and one part of you is rejecting your likeness to him.

I did, too. Its ok..

When adhering and truly comprehending the above scientific and spiritual principles, it becomes safe to say the darkness we see in him, is actually a lack, of our own Light. AND get this, every time we have an emotional reaction to something he says or does, means we are actually harboring some of his traits.

It was a hard pill to swallow. However, after digestion, I begin to feel much better and a feeling of liberation set in. I was able to take responsibility for POTUS ill-mannered behavior, through being responsible for mine. I took an active role in healing “me too” AND, I began to comprehend the gaslighting that has plagued me since childhood. Then, once I really understood that he, like everyone I see is a small reflection of myself, I began to make the conscious shifts required for me to change my tune.

I truly began to feel for him, and pray for him. Truly it must be really hard to have such a position and not be qualified by human standards. We have high standards, as we should. This said, I am here to share the message that according to ancient Jewish mysticism, Donald Trump was chosen.

Of course you can chose to believe what you want; however, universally we are ALL, a part of the same play. Please understand, this does not mean that I accept his immature actions and childish bullying. I do not.

What this does mean is I look at him as if he is equal, which means looking at his humanness, his pain. I began to understand that he too had a very difficult early childhood, and he was not given love. Subsequently, I saw myself in his story somehow and because he is a reflection, I further understood that the work I do to change myself ultimately leads back to how I feel about him, which is an inner reflection of how I feel about me.

What POTUS has done for me, is much bigger than giving me a platform to stand in solidarity with my fellow humans, he has given me the spiritual power to eradicate all the negative attributes I hold within myself, all the while allowing me to see myself with the compassion and reverence that all humans deserve from their fellow humans. We all have pain, and we are all seeking to love and be loved.

With this, I am assured, what he is doing for me, he can do for you too.

God Bless America and ALL Sentient Beings.

Sending big love to POTUS… You are a transformer, DJT!! May we all use your power and TRANSFORM…

Poof Poof Blap Bing!

Wonder twin powers, activate. In form of… Transformative Social Change

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1 Heart it! Jenni Lynne 49
1 Heart it! 49

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