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Sh*t Happens? Not On Your Life.

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September 13, 2018
Joab Russo
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At one time or another, each and every one of us may find ourselves in that ‘spot’. I know I do. It’s always a tight spot, since it always bears down on us emotionally or physically. It’s always an undesired spot, since we don’t want to be in it. A failed marriage? A disappointing friendship? A chronic illness? Financial hardship? That’s four out of four for me. As different individuals, we each have different experiences we consider as our own personal tight spots, yet overall they seem to be as frequent as they are numerous in both our personal and mass realities. So much so that we have endorsed the world over a common vernacular to aptly if not graphically represent this immense collection of potential tight-spots: “Sh*t happens.”

But does it really?

Come to think of it, it doesn’t. It definitely does not just happen. We all know very well what are its origins and purposes, its comings and goings. In fact, there is no living person who does not have an intimate and engaged relationship with it, and who is not directly involved with every aspect of its daily creation, presence, experience and expression in their lives. Granted, these conclusion are based on quite the literal interpretation of the above common vernacular, Yet what if we could apply these same conclusions to the figurative interpretation?

If we could do so, it would mean we would notice the presence of any predicament in our lives. We would know precisely what are the origins and purposes of any tight spot we find ourselves in. We would understand how and why every difficulty in our lives is created, and exactly how does it affect our experience and expressions. Our pointless dire straits, difficulties, problems and undesired challenges will then be no more, and in their stead will be experiences of clear purpose and meaning that we are in full control of and consciously comprehend. In effect, it would mean that all we truly desire to experience for any reason, we will, and all that we truly do not desire to experience for any reason, we won’t. I’d definitely put my hand up for that. Make that two hands.

What answers would be more beneficial for us than those allowing us to have this kind of life? To be, in a manner of speaking, the God of our own reality? With simple logic we may conclude that we would need to know and understand the answers to at least the following three most basic existential questions:

Who or what creates our own reality?
How is our own reality created?
Where do we individually fit in?

Throughout the millennia of recorded human history, thousands of different gods and deities have been incepted by the human perception while trying to answer the first question. Throughout those same millennia, thousands of different religions, spiritualities and disciplines have been conceived by the human perception while trying to answer the second question. And trying to answer the third question in relation to the other two merely birthed and perpetuated “the human condition,” in which “sh*t happens” is a matter of fact.

For whether intellectual or experiential, how can any of the different, competing or contradicting explanations of the tight-spots in our own reality be true? They can not. If there is to be truth which answers any of the above questions, it must also answer the other two. It must be a single truth which can and does answer any question, to any individual, both intellectually and experientially. Moreover, any answer that this one truth provides must be provable, practical and in perfect logical, emotional and physical harmony with any other answer it provides, for all.

Such truth may not exist unless it is the only absolute. It must therefore be independent of and not relative to any opinion, preference, belief, perception, fact, physicality or reality. The answers offered by such truth would allow for neither perceiving not experiencing any tight-spot as such. Within this Absolute Truth, the human condition is utterly resolved, leaving no circumstances for sh*t to happens, and in its stead remain only the individual with the sole company of their desired experiences and true wants.

This Absolute Truth must allow for the ultimate journey of self discovery. It must be the one and only source of absolutely correct information regarding all realities, existence, creation, being and all that is. It must unequivocally allow for any individual to independently discover who, what, how and why they are.

Does this Absolute Truth exist?

Yes, it does.

Stay tuned.

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2 Heart it! Joab Russo 159
2 Heart it! 159

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