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The Unspoken Joys of Testes: A Woman’s Perspective.

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July 21, 2018
Tirzah Shiya
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During World Cup season I found myself especially interested in men and their balls. Not having a set of fun bags myself, I often stray to my lover’s nether regions to explore and fiddle with his figgy gems. I haven’t always been as interested in the hidden masculine oracles since I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. They dwell in such a mystery area, a private enigma. They initially seemed a hindrance from the main attraction until I learned to appreciate and include the sacred jewels during or independent of intimacy.

Nearly daily I stretch, cup and play with my man’s special sac. Of course he doesn’t mind the attention and I’m able to familiarize myself more with the tremendous wonder of the male anatomy. I may incorporate nut play during sexy time but often I massage the testes simply to entertain myself and my man regardless of whether sex is on the menu. I find it so amusing those prized packages can be leisurely hanging loose on the outside of one’s body.  

The area is much less sensitive than commonly believed. I’ve asked my beloved on numerous occasions, as I further tug on his scrod with a joyful smile illuminating my curious face, “Is this okay, is this okay…?” I’m fascinated by how much I can pull on the skin, NOT the actual gonads but the sac safely shrouding them. The wild elasticity makes me wonder what else I could put in there if filling the pouch were an option. How many jelly beans or popcorn kernels might it hold?

My gratifying hobby is also a significant way to benefit my lover’s sexual and overall health. Massaging the testicles boosts testosterone levels. Testosterone is a sexy hormone responsible for numerous blessings. Pulling on the balls stimulates optimal production leading to greater energy, confidence, vitality, lowered depression and a clearer mind. As much as I love manipulating the nads, my minor obsession offers stronger erections and increases sex drive, too. It’s a win-win!

Loving, honoring and even idolizing the precious pouch encourages a man to get in touch with and embrace the supreme power of his own masculinity. I invite my patient partner to breathe deep and feel the connection between his balls and warm beating heart. Bridging alignment between these substantial energy centers allows a man’s region of sensuality, imagination and creativity to be in harmony with the heart’s compassion and unconditional love.

Varied temperature on and around the nut area can also be advantageous in some major ways. A warm towel left down there loosens the skin to open blood vessels. Blood flow to the special area brings forth god-like boners, combats erectile dysfunction, tones the prostate gland and even increases fertility. Cold water or ice cubes on the perineum, if one is feeling particularly brave, also heightens testosterone levels.

I just love how playing with a body part I don’t have can bring forth so many curious perks. Whether you possess balls or not, find a pair to harmoniously play with and investigate. Please communicate with the nut owner to make sure pressure, speed and technique are pleasurable. Don’t be afraid of or ignore the testicles as they are very much part of the full package. Discovering the pure divinity of our concealed organs in a non-judgmental, light-hearted approach can be a beautiful and sacred practice for all involved. Holding, tickling and gently yanking on a scrotum is a unique and satisfying way to connect, kill time or just giggle at the magnificent wonders of our remarkable human bodies.

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0 Heart it! Tirzah Shiya 167
0 Heart it! 167

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