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time and again.

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May 13, 2018
Cecilia George
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Doors open

Expansiveness welcomes the stories of rhyme

Fearsome things are joy in disguise

Like when it was warm and blustery in January

Spring presents itself in knots and fits of beauty

Enough for understanding the importance of visions

The air refreshes

With bare hands

Before a photo is taken

A memory captured


Filminess is tender and true

Moves the limb

Enthralls the being

Cold days grow quiet in the gentle rising of light

To hold its brilliance

In the eye of the mind

Of its balm

Elegance is found in the beauty of the ache expressed

And the speaking is held rapt

The rain is careful and falls in love with the heart


Promises resonance

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0 Heart it! Cecilia George 55
0 Heart it! 55

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