Give the Gift of Immersive Art
& Tactile Well-being


Treat Yourself or Someone Else with Imaginative Play for Home & Heart

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“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a twiddler and a tinkerer. I rub string and fabric and small beads and such between my fingertips when things get stressful or when I’m tired. It’s my little trick to self-regulate and self-soothe amidst the chaos of a day.

This is my new momentary escape into bliss—whether I play for an hour or just two minutes on a lunch break.

The tray lends a gorgeous aesthetic to the room, the sensory experience of the spheres beneath my fingertips and palms combined with the divine sound of the crunching sand is therapeutic, and it’s even fun to create patterns alongside loved ones (my partner and I made a little date of it).

We love it so much, we’re thinking of gifting these to some family and friends as a gift to keep giving joy and stress relief far beyond the holidays. This is 100 percent something everyone should have the pleasure of owning.” ~Marisa Zocco, Eleditor & Olander Earthworks Enthusiast.


Olander Earthworks is a Portland-based, family-owned business run by husband-and-wife team Sarah and Andrew Lonquist and supported by a handful of well-paid fellow artisans. They put in lots of love and hand-crafted hard work to bring their concrete Wonderscape spheres and sandtrays to life and into your home.

But Wonderscapes are not only good for play and decor. They’re also used in therapeutic settings to help with self-regulation and emotional processing, which means they’re a home decoration that triples as a toy and healing tool for kids from 1 to 92.

Can’t wait to literally get your hands on one of these beauties? We don’t blame you. Pop over to Santa’s—er, we mean Sarah and Andrew’s—artisanal workshop to assemble a Wonderscape for you or a loved one.

Support small business and enjoy! Olander Earthworks Wonderscapes are brought to life by a small collective of artists dedicated to bringing creativity and community to your home with their interactive, customizable multisensory art.

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