Timely Topics for July, 2020

Summer themes! Sunscreen! Black Lives Matter! COVID-19! Reading! Rest! Family! Climate crisis! Recipes!

All month: National Hemp Month

July 1: Canada Day
July 4: Independence Day, Full Moon
July 12: Malala Day
July 16: Waylon Lewis’ & Redford’s birthday! Elephant’s 18th birthday!
July 18: Nelson Mandela Day / Mandela’s birthday
July 20: New Moon
July 28: Parents’ Day (United States)
July 29: International Tiger Day
July 30: International Day of Friendship

Notable birthdays:

Dalai Lama, Frida Kahlo (July 6), E.B. White (July 11), Henry David Thoreau (July 12), Pema Chödrön (July 14), Ernest Hemingway & Robin Williams (July 21), Beatrix Potter (July 28), J.K. Rowling (July 31)

Any other holidays or birthdays or death-days or anniversaries of great events—go for it! And as always we would love to see more articles about genuine spirituality, eco-responsibility, permaculture, mindful parenting, of-benefit politics, anything timely/newsie that is a gateway to mindfulness, yoga with integrity, and equal rights beyond aggression

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