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“Write what you know.” ~ Mark Twain

As independent media, we’re created by and for our readers. Our mission: to share the good word beyond our core or choir to those who don’t yet know they give a care.

We’re about “the mindful life”—yoga, organics, sustainability, conscious consumerism, active citizenship, ecofashion, the arts, non-new agey spirituality, enlightened education … anything that helps us to live a good life that also happens to be good for others, and our planet.

Want to join in? Send us your article, photos, art, poetry, recipe or a favorite video you’ve seen recently. You must read and adhere to our style guidelines and use agreement before we’ll consider your work.

Note: Please mark “Timely” (if it’s a trending issue, a holiday or something that needs immediate attention) in the beginning of your story title if it’s actually urgent.

Also, elephant journal isn’t a bulletin board. Rather, it’s a community, and we each need to do our part to get the good word (these articles) out beyond the choir. We ask that as part of publishing articles on, authors share their work to their communities through Facebook, newsletters, Twitter, Instagram. If this is something you feel inspired by, we’d love to move forward, but if elephant is only one of many publications to share these articles, it’s not really a two-way street. Please submit original work!


  • Bios should be no more than 1-4 sentences, including links. All bios should have at least one link (social media/professional/personal blog). Written in the third person, bios should be a mix of professional and silly/personal. See Editor-in-Chief Waylon Lewis' bio for an example.
  • Our editors will select photos to go along with your piece (so please do not submit any, except a lovely bio photo of yourself, above!). If you have pro, quality, non-copyrighted (you own the rights) photos that need to go along with your story (a photo spread or a recipe blog), send them over to [email protected] with the subject bar: PHOTOS for (name of article)

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