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Les Elephants

Waylon Lewis: Founder, CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Host of Walk the Talk Show, Author of Things I Would Like to do with You, Errand Boy.

Lindsey Block: Chief Operating Officer
Shanon Hoffman: VP of Strategic Partner & Business Development, Meme-supplier
Brian Naslund: Director of Product & Growth; kayaker
William Staley: Director of Technology; Vandemic
Emily Bartran Managing Editor Emily Bartran: Director of Mission & Marketing, Elephant Academy; Tea drinker Expatriate

 Molly Murphy: Director of Mission & Curriculum, Elephant Academy; Caring and kind

Catherine Monkman: Senior Co-Managing Editor; the kind-hearted rock upon which Elephant survives (no pressure)
Nicole Cameron Nicole Cameron: Senior Co-Managing Editor
Kate Force: Co-Managing Editor

Kerry Gallagher: Director of Strategic Partner Development

Marisa Zocco: Editor, Newsletter
Farah Hany: Editor
Lisa Erickson: Editor
Sukriti Chopra: Editor
Elyane Youssef: Editor
Erin Miller: Strategic Partner Development
Robert Busch: Editor, Surfer, Yoga Teacher, resident Politics-obsessed Writer
Kaitlin May: Managing Editor, Partnerships
Corti Cooper: Designer
Katie Fleming: Editor, Elephant Academy
Rasha Al Jabi: Editor
Mary Dolan: Business Manager, Bookkeeper
Juliana Otis, EcoShop Growth Manager, Editor
Amy Vanheste: Editor
Michelle Al Bitar: Editor
Angelica Ilovi: Editor

Elephant Veterans:

Pam Uhlenkamp designer Pam Uhlenkamp: Graphic designer of Elephant Books & Elephant Journal (back when it was paper, too!)
Samara Stein accountant Samara Stein: Advisor
David Rogers Advertising David Rogers: ex-CRO, Advisor
Kaitlin-Backlund Kaitlin Backlund: ex-VP of Finance, Advisor

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*It’s about the Mindful Life.

We’re dedicated to sharing the good life beyond the choir, and to all those who didn’t yet know they give a care about living a good, fun life that’s good for others, and our planet. The mindful life is about yoga, organics, sustainability, conscious consumerism, enlightened education, the contemplative arts, adventure, bicycling, family…everything. But mostly it’s about this present moment, right here, right now, and how we can best be of benefit, and have a good time doing so.

Elephant has been around since 2002. We started off as a magazine. But after going national in Whole Foods and such, we wanted to further “green” our ways (we were already printed on state-of-the-art ecopaper). Thing is, the bigger you get as a magazine, the fewer copies, percentage-wise, you sell. We were unwilling to join all the other magazines in selling only three out of 10, and wasting the rest (magazines get milled, printed, bounded, shipped from China typically [we were US], shipped another five times…it’s incredibly wasteful after all of that to waste seven out of 10 copies, which can’t even really be recycled—getting inks out of magazine paper is super energy-intensive).

And because we were independent, and indie media is another raison d’etre, another value of ours, we couldn’t get the investment we needed to create our own distribution system, which is a tough wheel to reinvent.

So, we went online. We’re still independent, and we’re getting rid of direct ads, so our editorial (unlike just about everything else you and I read) is fully independent. Because the world needs honesty, and urgently. One of our heroes, Lester Brown, told me that the key to saving the world would be media. Education. Communication. He told me that seven years ago, and said we had very little time, then.

So join us. Sign up as an Elephant member. If you don’t like us, cancel. If you do like us, join the Elephant community. Know that we’re not about being right (there’s stuff you and I will read that we’ll hate), but rather about respectful dialogue, and grassroots responsibility. So leave thoughtful comments for those who disagree with. And, write if so inspired. Join the cause.

For an interview with Waylon Lewis on the history of Elephant, read here.

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yoga | organics | sustainability | active citizenship | enlightened education | conscious consumerism | buddhadharma | ecofashion | the contemplative arts

Elephant Journal is your guide to what we like to call the mindful life: yoga, organics, sustainability, genuine spirituality, conscious consumerism, fair fashion, the contemplative arts…anything that helps us to live a good life that also happens to be good for others, and our planet.

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Ele:mission >> Elephant is dedicated to bringing together those working (and playing) to create enlightened society.

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