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Check out the front-runners for this MONTH’s Ecosystem contest.

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The Contenders:

#1 Anna Palmer

Cancer Full Moon: It’s Time to Let the Past Be—& Heal. {January 6}

#2 Sharon A. DeNofa

The Dating Red Flag that Leaves us Feeling Mentally & Emotionally Drained.

#3 Emma Sloan

4 Relationship Red Flags we should Never Ignore.

#4 Roopa Swaminathan

Saying “If I can do it, so can you” is Not Nearly as Encouraging as we Think.

#5 Mudita Lionheart Editor's Pick

30 Things to Stop Apologizing for at Work (& in Life).

#6 Karuna Schwartz Editor's Pick

Burn it Down, then Wait: a Mantra for the New Year.

#7 Michelle Schafer Editor's Pick

A Manifesto for a Happy Life: 14 Tips to Help us Find True Happiness.

#8 Roopa Swaminathan

This Year, I’m Determined to be More Kind & Forgiving—to Myself.

#9 Cheryl Melody Baskin

22 Poetic Words by Rumi to Remind Us to Honor & Value Who We Are.

#10 Justice Bartlett Editor's Pick

I’m No Longer Using my Anxiety to Avoid my Sweet Soul.

#11 Michelle Schafer

Middle-Aged, Single & Cat Owner—It’s Not the Burn You Think It Is.

#12 Jodee Prouse

What Meghan & Harry can Teach Us All about Family.

#13 Galina Singer

How to Care for our Rejected Inner Child so we can Show Up as Adults in our Relationships.

#14 Eleni Stephanides Editor's Pick

6 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned as a Writer from the 90s to Today.



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