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Things I Would like to do with You Waylon Lewis

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Things I would like to do with You Waylon Lewis book

1. Things I would like to do with You, by Waylon Lewis

Things I would like to do with You is romantic—and then some. But it details a different kind of romance—instead of chick flick, “you complete me,” happily ever after fantasy…Waylon Lewis details a search for the kind of love that lasts. A kind of love with built-in humor, space for growth, independence, even loneliness. Poetically touching on dozens of failed relationships on the path to learning, Things I would like to do with You is the ideal book to curl up with, to learn with, to laugh with, and maybe to cry with.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Waylon Lewis likes to think he snowshoes hut-to-hut and builds nail-less tiny houses in trees while drinking wild-crafted teas from herbs he has gathered in the woods beside his faithful half-hound, Redford. In reality, he founded Elephant Journal.

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