New Forest Edition! Even more eco-responsible! Chlorine-free, 100% recycled, Forest Stewardship Council paper, the ink is “green” (don’t worry, it’s black) and is low-VOC & veggie-based, 100% cotton cover (compostable!), it’s printed locally, saving tons of carbon emissions and supporting local jobs.⁠⁠

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“I don’t want my idea of you. That’s too easy, and it isn’t real. I want you, faults and all. And I want you to want me, faults and all, not any ideas you have about love.”

“A cabin began this story that is not a story—though I did not then know where I would find the cabin that would finish this story that is not a story. This story is not true, but it is not fiction. This story is my heart’s life.”

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Things I Would Like to Do with You.

Waylon Lewis’ long-awaited first book is romantic—and then some. But it details a different kind of romance: instead of chick flick, “you complete me,” happily-ever-after fantasy…Things marks an exploration of the kind of love that lasts. A kind of love that includes independence, humor, room for growth…even loneliness. Poetically searching through four seasons and touching upon dozens of past relationships on a path to awakening, Things I Would Like to Do with You is a sweet book to curl up with, to learn with, to laugh with, and maybe to cry with.

We’re excited to make this well-received web serialization available in print (hardcover, cloth and gold emboss) for the first time; with original illustrations and calligraphy, printed in the US of A on ecopaper. May it be of benefit!

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“Relationships—love—is not fantasy, it is bricks and mortar. It is earth. But it is fantasy, too. It is heaven: dreams and hormones and the pleasure in biology and sudden laughter.

It is the rub between the two that creates sparks: earth, heaven.”

As we talk, our hands wander but only slightly.

It is our first kiss, so we take our time.

I would like to remember our first kiss.


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