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Read: Waylon’s inspiring explanation of this contest!


When you read, share or comment you help pay real Money to Writers who offer up quality original articles and videos and poetry oh my!

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Basically, jump in and write, then share up, share with your friends, your loved ones, your family, your Facebook…we’ll share if we notice it doing well, and/or if we love it. Then, if you keep writing, and you’re one of our top writers of the two-week period, we’ll pay you lots of money!

Elephant’s #1 writer for the two-week contest wins $1,000

> #2 wins $500

> #3 wins $375

> #4 & #5 receive $150 each

> #6, #7 and #8 win $65 each

> and #9 to #15 earn $54 each



1. Submissions start on June 1st, 2016. 

2. The contest will run for 14 days, ending on June 14th, 2016.

3. On the final day of the contest, final scores are tallied and winners are announced a few days later.

4. elephant journal reserves the right to change rules or criteria mid-contest if necessary—this is a trial, an experiment. That said, if you’re offering content consistently, sharing it up, we won’t be messing with fundamentals.

5. Note: We will remove writers from the contest for any kind of cheating.

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Scoring Criteria is diverse and therefore not all about popularity or clickbaitiness:

1. 25%: Total Reads (Views on the article) during the Contest

2. 25%: Shares per the counter on post page

3. 25%: Comment Count

4. 25%: Editor Picks—about 20% of submissions will receive our internal kudos

To win Editor’s Pick: submit personal, genuine, helpful, unique and original anything. This month, we’re going to hand out our Editor Picks to articles about Green or Adventure or Family. We will give an award to an amazing Love article that blows us away, but we’re not looking for it. We’re not looking for Astrology. If it blows our mind, you could win, we’re not ixnaying it, but we’re not looking for more content in this area. We’re looking for breaking news, quality journalism, recipes, wellness, environmental submissions. ~ Waylon


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often can I submit my articles?

A. Submit as often as you’d like! There is no minimum or maximum number of articles needed to qualify.

Q. Do I need to submit my work any differently than I do now?

A. No! Every article is automatically entered. Submit your articles here.


June’s Winners

Congratulations to the very first winners of the new writer’s contest trial! In order to find these winners, we added an equal “weight” to each of these four categories: reads, shares, comments, and editor’s picks.

June’s Winners—Contest 1

Victoria Fedden incentives thumb 100x100 Victoria Fedden: $1,000 + a huge hug!

Kate-Rose-incentives thumbnail 100x100 Kate Rose: $500 + a handstand!

Robert-Ohotto-100x100 thumbnail Robert Ohotto: $375 + a yassss!

amanda christmann incentives thumbnail 100x100 do not use Amanda Christmann: $150 + a mwuah!

Jessica_frain 100x100 Jessica Fraine: $150 + a nice goin’!

admin-ajax Robert Patrick: $65 + a Shambhala bow!

Juliana-Maszurkewicz 100x100 Juliana Maszurkewicz: $65 + a you rock!

Hilda Carroll100x100 Hilda Carroll: $65 + a trunk hug!

Jayson Gaddis writer's contest thumb 100x100 do not re use Jayson Gaddis: $54 + a hot damn!

Elyane Youssef-Incentives Thumb Elyane Youssef: $54 + a gassho!

Karen-Costa- 100x100 Karen Costa: $54 + a yyyyeeeaah!

 Bere Blissenbach do not use 100x100 Bere Blissenbach: $54 + a we heart you!

Josie-McGraw 100x200  Josie McGraw: $54 + a high five!

keeley milne 100x100 Keeley Milne: $54 + a damn, girl!

Heather-Higinbotham10x0100-1 Heather Higinbotham: $54 + a cheers!


June’s Winners—Contest 2

Kate-Rose-incentives thumbnail 100x100 Kate Rose: $1,000 + well gaddamn!

Crystal Jackson- 100x100 incentives thumb do not use Crystal Jackson: $500 + a back flip!

Megan-Mallow 100x100 Megan Mallow: $375 + a deep bow!

Jpeg Maike Soutschka: $150 + a woohoo!

sarah norrad 100x100 Sarah Norrad: $150 + a peaceful bear hug!

Carmelene Siani-100x100 new incentives thumb do not use Carmelene Siani: $65 + a ohhh la la!

Sarah-Gilbert 100x100 Sarah Gilbert: $65 + a formal toast!

Natalie Edwards 100x100 Natalie Edwards: $65 + a lowww five!

Hilda Carroll100x100 Hilda Carroll: $54 + a respectful smooch!

Claire Rudy Foster 100100 Claire Rudy Foster: $54 + a hallelujah!

Monika Carless 100x100 thumb incentives Monika Carless: $54 + a glorious waltz!

do not use Louis D. Lo Praeste: $54 + a firm handshake!

Sophie-Kruijsdijk 100x100  Sophie Kruijsdijk: $54 + a you go girl!

Lily-Calfee- 100x100 Lily Calfee: $54 + a big welcome!

Dhara-Des-Fours 100x100 Dhara Des Fours: $54 + a hot damn!

May’s Winners

Kate-Rose-incentives thumbnail 100x100 Kate Rose: 17 articles; 376,612 readers + 10,000 bonus views for $1,500 & a back flip!

Lindsay Carricarte incentives thumb 100x100 Lindsay Carricarte: 11 articles; 200,815 readers + 70,000 bonus views for $850 & a gassho!

Elyane Youssef-Incentives Thumb Elyane Youssef: 21 articles; 125,525 readers + 80,000 bonus views for $750 & a handstand!

amanda christmann incentives thumbnail 100x100 do not use Amanda Christmann: 17 articles; 62,676 readers + 120,000 bonus views for $300 & a we heart you!

Sarah Norrad-100x100 incentices thumb do not use Sarah Norrad: 11 articles; 87,419 readers + 60,000 bonus views for $300 & a muah!

Thayne-Ulschmid incentives thumb 100x100 do not re use Thayne Ulschmid: 9 articles; 129,553 readers for $125 & a firm handshake!

Crystal Jackson- 100x100 incentives thumb do not use Crystal Jackson: 23 articles; 102,025 readers for $125 & a deep bow!

Jerry Stocking-100x100 incentives thumb do not use Jerry Stocking: 11 articles; 85,490 readers + 20,000 bonus views for $125 & a nice goin’!

ruth lera thumb Ruth Lera: 8 articles; 28,405 readers + 50,000 bonus for a free elephant gift subscription & a peaceful bear hug!

Renee Baum- incentives thumb 100x100 do not use Renee Dubeau: 9 articles; 41,359 readers + 20,000 bonus views for a free elephant gift subscription & a respectful smooch!

Jane-CoCo-Cowles incentives thumb 100x100 do not use Jane Coco Cowles: 9 articles; 13,675 readers for a free elephant journal gift subscription & a woohoo!