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April 9th-15th Winners

#1 Justice Bartlett $200 Editor's Pick

What Tender-Hearted Men Truly Want from Women in a Relationship.

#2 Giselle Naidu $108 Editor's Pick

7 Ways to Stop our Fear of Abandonment from Turning us into Emotional Vampires.

#3 Amanda Van Graan $108

7 Things I wish I Had known Sooner.

#4 Chris Sikora $108 Editor's Pick

Life Review: a Powerful End-of-Life Practice that’s worth doing Sooner.

#5 Janis Isaman $75 Editor's Pick

How our Childhood Wounds are Holding us Back as Adults.

#6 Melissa Steussy $75

I am an Adult Orphan—It’s a Real Thing.

#7 Mahein Kazi $75

The True Essence of Ramadan & How it Helps us Connect to Ourselves.

#8 Amanda Van Graan $50 Editor's Pick

How Quieting our Ego Helps us Reconnect with our True Self.

#9 Amy Vanheste $50

I’m Done with Trying to Fit Society’s Ideal of Beautiful.

#10 Matthew Busse $50

“Not All Men”: the Difference between a Man-Child & an Ally.

#11 Kim Sanwald $50 Editor's Pick

Coming out, at 48 years old.

#12 Sharon A. DeNofa $50

5 Benefits of Saying “No” (& How it Can Change our Lives).

#13 Kelly Branyik $50

3 Dangers of What-About-Ism (& Why we Need to Stop Doing it!).

#14 Patrice Nye $50 Editor's Pick

An Ode to Therapy: Finding the Balance between Accountability, Acceptance & Boundaries.

#15 Kaisa Kapanen $50

How to Recognize the Silent Whisper of our Intuition.