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January Winners

#1 Roopa Swaminathan $108

5 Mindful Financial Wellness Tips that helped me Gain Stability & Freedom.

#2 Anna Palmer $108

Leo Full Moon & First Full Moon of 2024: Being Boldly You. {January 25}

#3 Kirsten Shabanowitz $108

Alcohol & I Broke up 365 Days Ago. Here are 5 Things I’ve Learned from that Journey.

#4 Michelle Schafer $100 Editor's Pick

Women in Middle Age Can Still be Sexy as F*ck.

#5 Roopa Swaminathan $90

5 More Mindful Financial Wellness Tips that helped me Gain Stability & Freedom.

#6 Michelle Schafer $80

Why Some Women are Choosing “Cats” Over Men.

#7 Galina Singer $70 Editor's Pick

It’s Not our Job to Change Anyone: How we Give Up our Power in Relationships.

#8 Damini Grover $60

10 Ways to Find Yourself when You’re Feeling Lost.

#9 Amber Paulina Walker $50 Editor's Pick

Midlife: Loss, Grief & Letting it Go Already.

#10 Imola Tóth $40

The Kundalini Breathing Technique I use to Cure a Cold.

#11 Damini Grover

The One Thing we Struggle to Embrace about Relationships.

#12 Ciara O’Connor

The Shame that comes from Toxic Relationships—& How we can Find Healing.

#13 Melissa Patrick

Some Goodbyes You Never Get.


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