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June 10 to 16 Winners

#1 Sharon A. DeNofa $200 Editor's Pick

3 Powerful Steps to Find Release in Forgiveness & Finally Let Go.

#2 Roopa Swaminathan $108

3 (More) Types of Courage that can help us Master whatever Sh*t Life throws our Way.

#3 Galina Singer $108

Redefining Marriage: How our One-Size-Fits-All Formula keeps us from achieving a True Happily Ever After.

#4 Daniel Brown $108 Editor's Pick

When I was 16, I contemplated a School Shooting.

#5 Elizabeth Gordon $75 Editor's Pick

For the Stuck, Anxious & Nervous: Play this Game to Ground Yourself.

#6 Tony Endelman $75 Editor's Pick

33 Things I would Tell my 13-Year-Old Self.

#7 Billy Manas $75 Editor's Pick

An Open Letter to Anyone who’s ever been told that their Past is a Giant Red Flag.

#8 Jo St Leon $50

Living Large in a Skinny World.

#9 Jodee Prouse $50

Daughters who have gone “No Contact” with their Mothers: must we accept that Olive Branch?

#10 Kaitlyn Ramsay $50

Come to the Edge with this Full Moon in Sagittarius. {June 14}



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