A guide to choosing the right facebook pages and homepages.

Some articles fall neatly into 1-3 topics, but for others it’s hard to choose exactly where to place them. I’ve learned that there are often several legitimate ways to classify and article. None of the them are right or wrong, but we would like to move toward some consistency, even though there will still be judgment calls to be made. Here are the guidelines to follow:

Yoga: Usually obvious. It says yoga all over the article. Not so obvious: we will often post a non-yoga article on the yoga page if it’s by a yoga writer. Buddhist articles are closely related to yoga, but unless there is specific discussion of yoga, they usually don’t belong on the yoga page.

Food: Usually obvious. Includes both recipe type articles and nutrition articles, as well as vegan vs. meat and articles about food production, like factory farming.  Still some judgment calls. The recent breast-feeding article was posted to food. Some people felt it did not belong there. Personal choice there.

Love: This is for romantic love and relationships, including sexual relations. It is generally not for articles about spiritual love or “universal love”, except where the article is specifically about romantic relationships, as in the recent Gita series articles. Generally love between family members I would put in elephant family, and articles about friendship and healthy relationships other than romantic I would post in wellness.

Spirituality: Broad based definition of spirituality, but not so broad that every article gets posted here!  Religion, Budhism, Yoga philosophy, New Age Philosophy (in spite of the tab heading–Waylon really means “Non-fluffy-meaningless Spirituality” with his “Non-New Age Spirituality” label.)  Some New Age spirituality qualifies and some doesn’t.  If it’s more about mental health or psychology than spirituality, put it in Wellness.

Health & Wellness: The most difficult to define because almost anything can be considered Wellness.  Resist the urge to throw everything into this category. Obvious: health articles, including nutrition and medicine, but also mental health and healthy non-romantic relationships. Not so obvious: Generally do not post spiritual articles to Wellness, too, unless they are specifically about general mental health, too. Same with food and love article. All could be posted in Wellness, but only do so if they have a strong specific health & wellness component.

Family & Education: Usually obvious. Includes childbirth, parenting, sibling relations, spousal relationships, pets and the family, and anything related to education, etc.

Entertainment & Culture: The full original title will help you decide: “Arts, Entertainment, & Popular Culture.”  Almost anything could be classified as “culture”, like all spirituality, for example.  But for it to be here it needs to have some strong arts, entertainment, or popular culture component, like a play or movie about spirituality, for example, or Robert Sturman’s yoga photo collections, which go in yoga and culture because the are fine art.

Green: Usually obvious.  Anything about green living and saving the planet.

Enlightened Society: The original title of this page was “Politics and Social Action”, but we already had a successful facebook group with the name Enlightened Society, and we liked it, so we decided to keep that and make “Politics & Social Action” the subtitle.  Post only if there is a strong political or social action component to the article, not just if it’s about enlightenment or about society.

Work & Money: Pretty straight-forward, but also includes articles about work skills and people skills and things like motivation, which might not specifically mention work & money, but are clearly very helpful to your career.


The above are all the gold tab homepages. Other categories are pretty clear and self-descriptive. Let us know if you have any questions about them.