It is now a simple and enjoyable process to find excellent writers and invite them to elephant.

Just browse the Internet for any bloggers and writers you think are first-rate, and send them this link: How to become an elephant writer.

I’ve started doing this routinely every time I see a writer I’d like to see on elephant.  I pop them that link with very little other introduction.  Often it’s just a Tweet, in fact.  Next thing you know a great article is appearing on elephant.

The message can be something like this:

I love your writing on XYZ blog.  Please consider submitting a guest article to elephant journal [linked to the appropriate topical homepage so they can see what we’re up to].  See How to become an elephant writer.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Voila.  Easy as pie. And you get to have fun browsing the Internet and reading great articles.

Please try this out and tell me what you think, or if I can help you in any way.

For a complete guide to advanced networking see How you can help build the elephant community.


Bob Weisenberg. Associate Publisher
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