I’m an elephant Ambassador.

I don’t want to pay $2 a month for your independent content right now—but I’ve read the below and agree to commit, on an honor basis, to be an ambassador for elephant, and either:

>> email articles I like to friends, colleagues,

>> post articles to my Facebook Wall

>> or tweet articles up

every time I’m inspired by an article or video. One “share” for one “read.”


>> if I have a Facebook Page, I’m psyched to list elephantjournal.com as a favorite Page.

>> If I have a blog, I’ll be proud to feature your logo (above) on my home page or blogroll, linked to elephantjournal.com.


>> I’m happy to invite 108 (or more) friends to fan elephant’s Facebook Page (a major readership gateway for elephant).

>> And, if I’m on twitter, I’ll follow @elephantjournal and tweet something like

pls follow @elephantjournal ! Mindful indie media = endangered species http://www.elephantjournal.com/member

…in return I continue to read, free.