elephantjournal.com offers media sponsorship to select colleges throughtout US—here’s how to apply.

elephantjournal.com, now at 2 million readers a month, winner of “best of Twitter” nationally, twice for #green, is now offering up to $7,500 in advertising each month to any college in the US that fits our criteria. Here’s how it works:

Our sponsorships aren’t just “ads.” Because of ad blocker, and ads being ignored and old school, we offer blogs—with transparency. Saying “elephant is proud to partner with XXXXXYYYYYY University” up top, we then will feature up to one (a day) article, paper or video that represents the best of what your faculty or student body has to offer (your university is already creating amazing work, articles, essays, videos, art every day—why not share that via a large, mindful web site with 1000s of new readers a day). Students and faculty love this too, as it benefits their future job search/professional reputations.

We already do this for corporate sponsors—and charge $1,500 per post (blogs are more valuable than ads, since unlike conventional ads they can be shared via our social media—Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Vine, etc), they come up in Google searches (unlike ads) and they raise your college’s Google search and Alexa rankings.

Key: your content, if we’re to share it free, needs to be quality editorial, not advertorial. That said, at the end of each article/video/artwork, the bio can include the university info, a blurb with links and whatever else is useful for you.

Interested in a free media sponsorship? Final point: you need to be willing to share our blogs of your student or faculty work on your end. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, but we’ll terminate our sponsorship. Sharing your work on an award-winning site, of course, is a win-win, and will help your blogs go viral. Still interested? Email [email protected] to get going today. Note: you can post up to once a day, and not less than once a week (relationship with our readers is key).