Traditional vitamins don’t always absorb. These do.

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Robot vacuums, Airpods, ads targeting our latest thoughts—you’d think we would’ve updated what’s inside of our medicine cabinets by now.

For those of us who travel, are mindful of how much waste we produce, or don’t want to cheat on our wellness routines, the horse pills a.k.a. vitamins we take daily are, frankly, stuck in the (Flint)Stone Age. Those bulky bottles are made of tons of single-use plastic, and in order to create that neat, compact shape and block out moisture, the pills themselves are full of fillers. The rub? That’s the exact thing preventing those nutrients from being effectively absorbed by your body.

TLDR; your vitamins are a waste of money.

Try them for 25% off with free shipping — code ELEPHANT25

Enter buccal absorption, a delivery method 5X faster than pills and gummies (and much more fun to say). This planet-friendly approach from NuStrips is a stripped down (heh) version of your traditional vitamin that dissolves on your tongue and tastes delicious, but is vegan, contains no added sugar, and portable to solve our pill-popping woes. It’s also one-fifth of the carbon footprint, so for those of us who feel that the health of our planet is as essential as the health of its people, NuStrips is the perfect solution.

These insanely effective, fun little strips come in 5 formulas:

  • Multi in a Strip
  • Immunity in a Strip
  • Sleep in a Strip
  • Energy in a Strip
  • Beauty in a Strip

And each offers — you guessed it — a 10X more efficient, 5X better absorption, 1/5th the carbon footprint, and infinitely more convenient alternative to bulky bottles and filler-forward pills. Simply pop a strip on your tongue, let it dissolve, and enjoy the delicious flavor (the kafir lime zestiness of Beauty in a Strip is already an Elephant favorite!)

We tried (and loved) them, and want Elephant Journal readers to do the same, which is why NuStrips is offering 25% off and free shipping on your first order, be it a month’s supply of Multi, a year of soundless Sleep, or all five formulas for a happy, glowy, healthy lifestyle.

A Tiny Nutrition Revolution.

Multi in a Strip

Packed with Vitamins A-K, Iodine & Manganese for a full-force multivitamin in a teensy-tiny strip.
Get 25% off with code ELEPHANT25
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About NuStrips:
We believe wellness starts with the low-hanging fruit — with the basics. NuStrips contain 100% natural flavors, high quality ingredients and zero added sugar. All our products are non-GMO, allergen-free and gluten-free and adhere to the strictest manufacturing standards. We comply with USFDA, Health Canada & WHO-GMP. Our patented packaging is also 100% recyclable and sustainable, because what’s great for you, should be great for the planet too. NuStrips has also pledged to donate 1% of its future profits as a business towards community development efforts, focused on addressing malnutrition to help those in need meet their foundational health requirements.

Try them for 25% off with free shipping — code ELEPHANT25

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