Win Pure Synergy’s Health for All Seasons Gift Box

brought to you by Elephant Journal & Pure Synergy

Whether you need immune support, more energy, stress relief, a healthy inflammation response, or help covering nutritional gaps, this gift box has got you covered.

Enter to win these 9 premium supplements—made with organic ingredients—and enjoy added health all season long!

  • Rapid Rescue® ($31.95) – Fast-acting support for a healthy immune response
  • Immune Health™ ($39.95) – Powerful shield of year-round health defense
  • Pure Synergy Superfood ($34.95) – For vibrant energy, mental clarity & focus, detoxification & bridging nutritional gaps in diet
  • Multi•Vita•Min™ ($27.95) – With 13 essential vitamins and 7 core minerals to build your health foundation
  • SuperPure® Turmeric ($31.95) – The go-to herb for a healthy inflammation response
  • Pure Radiance C® ($21.95) – A 100% natural vitamin C free of any synthetic or corn-derived ascorbic acid
  • Cell Protector™ ($39.95) – Cellular protectors, detoxifiers & antioxidants
  • Berry Power™ ($34.95) – A delicious phytonutrient & antioxidant powerhouse
  • Stress Remedy™ ($34.95) – Stress-relieving herbal extracts & adaptogens

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At Pure Synergy, We believe that everyone deserves to be well—in body, mind, and spirit. Our deep-seated care for the well-being of people drives our mission to create the best, most effective products possible.

Our uncompromising vision is to create products whose ingredients and processes preserve the many gifts of nature while utilizing the innovations of modern nutritional science. We pay close attention to every detail from start to finish and leave nothing to chance—from the organic soil to the heirloom seeds to the protective, oxygen impermeable seals on our glass bottles.

We have been privately owned and operated since 1992. All of our products are manufactured in our award-winning, wind-powered, certified organic facility, in beautiful Moab, Utah. Because we make everything ourselves, we have a very personal, hands-on approach to everything we do. At Pure Synergy, we take full control of our ingredients, manufacturing, and distribution—giving us the independence to commit to and guarantee the highest possible quality standards.

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