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These Human Beings enable Elephant to Pay more of our best, consistent Writers (still a very rare thing online) and Editors to do Good Work for you on the Daily.

Inspired to help? Our suggestion is $1,080 each. We know that’s a lot. We need about $15,000, though, just to break even on the transition (from then on, editors hopefully will pay for themselves).

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If so inspired, this will really only work if we (readers, Academy, writers, lovers of Elephant) all jump in, you could make it out to

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Our goal is $15,000 to help us fund the hiring and training of 5 new editors (two part-time). That number will help pay for the training by an experienced editor (or three) of all five new editors, while offsetting the losses of editorial time. This transition—from an editor leaving, hiring, training, and getting up to speed) generally takes 3 months, putting a real hurt on all of Elephant.

Elephant VIPs (name or business name) will be featured on this page, with gratitude of all our staff, and writers, and readers.

May it be auspicious! May we be of benefit!