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If you bother to post onto a big web site but it’s not shared, did it happen?

Our mission is to reach beyond our choir, to all those who might give a care. If you don’t share your article (think like a garage band) to your own community, first, we can’t get it to light up on our huge community. So:

  • DM your friends on Facebook “Favor? Read my article, & if so inspired share it? [LINK].”)
  • Share it to your Facebook wall [it works well to share an excerpt, then add the link], to Facebook groups, to Next Door, LinkedIn—any online community you’re active in. Don’t spam—share it genuinely.
  • Email Friends and Family (“Hey all! I’m featured on a big web site. Would you help me & my issue get traction by reading it—& sharing if so inspired? [LINK])
  • Build up a newsletter list & feature it in your newsletter
  • Text friends “Hey! I wrote an article on a big site—would you consider reading it, sharing it if so inspired? [LINK]”
  • Twitter. Allow for enough space for comments, RTs.
  • Reddit [only to communities you’re a part of]
  • Instagram [Use images/quotes that will get likes, then excerpt, then include link in your bio & caption (bitly links are easier to type out)]
  • What else? Discuss it in person, offer bribes, share it in comments in like-minded discussions…

And don’t just post once. Post it several times! Posting several times and engaging your network with meaningful conversation around your article helps to work with the platform’s algorithms to get your post read by as many people as possible.

Last thing. Make sure that your author bio is completely filled out.

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