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For 12 years we’ve been spreading the good word about the mindful life. Our overall traffic growth has been steady and steep while our paid membership grows even faster reflecting our readers’ true passion & loyalty for fun, yet fundamentally serious independent media. We are the rare bold voice in the mindful space that influential active, affluent, choosey/conscious consumers crave.

Our demo is 73% female, mostly in the 24 to 40 age  window. They shop organic/local first, do yoga, donate to charities, travel & care for their family.

Our respect for our readers includes the ads we run.

If you have an offering that curious and aware people can appreciate you will likely have success with Elephant Journal and we will do our best to make that happen.

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Native Advertising/Sponsored Post

A Native Ad is sponsored content that runs “natively” alongside editorial, featured on our front page, and is clearly labeled with logo and title as being about your brand.

The format for a Native Ad can vary from a blog post, article, quiz, coupon, sale, event, video, etc.

Native Ad advantages that you won’t get from Display Advertising

  • Ability to show and tell your brand story in your own words.
  • SEO advantages of being linked to by an Quantcast 600 site
  • Highly shareable format for social and email

Want to place a Native Ad? Easy? Just pay, then: click and copy paste your event, offer, discount, video, blog. Where the form asks for your bio, leave your business bio with links, with logo instead of headshot. Then, in Notes section, mention to our editors that you are a sponsor and are advertising so that we can clearly label and feature your native advertisement/blog.

Examples of Native Ads:


Pricing starts at $2500/week for Native / Sponsored Posts.

Contact more info.

Display Advertising

A) Lead Banner ad:

Desktop Size: 728 x 120 Pixel Banner

Mobile Size: 300 x 90

B) 300×250  web and mobile

Elephant can deliver 19m impressions opera month.

Display ads are sold at a $7 CPM with frequency discounts available.


Ad Formats:

Accepted formats are .jpg and .gif.

No Illustrator, Flash or moving images.

Contact for pricing and more info.

Walk the Talk Show: our award-winning video series.

Past guests include: Deepak Chopra, Bill McKibben, Chris Sharma, Dr. Andrew Weil, Arianna Huffington, Michael Pollan, Congressemen & Governors

Presenting Sponsor: Logo up top, in credits, verbal props via host Waylon Lewis and podcast (interviews appear live in direct partnership with Google+ YouTube, and are featured on Elephant Journal’s home page,on Soundcloud and iTunes.) Also: get your goods in our eco goodie bag given to all guests.

Pricing starts at $500

Contact for pricing and more info.


Your ad or sponsored blog will not go live until we have invoiced and received payment. Why? We don’t like to spend time on collections (and neither do you).

We reserve the right not to accept sponsorships from those who may not completely share our readers’ values.

We look forward to helping your mindful business grow.

Team Elephant.

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