I would like to advertise to elephant’s readers!

elephant journal, founded 12 years ago, is dedicated to the mindful life. Our readers are “Whole Foodsy”—75% female, active, affluent, choosy/conscious consumers.

Current: elephant has 8 million readers/month (Google Analytics)

As independent media, we’re created by and for our readers. Our mission: to share the good word beyond our core or choir to those who didn’t know they gave a care. We’re about “the mindful life”—yoga, organics, sustainability, conscious consumerism, active citizenship, ecofashion, the arts, non new agey spirituality, enlightened education…really, anything that helps us to live a good life that also happens to be good for others, and our planet.

Email with any questions.

Native Advertising:

I would like to share a blog (can be a discount, sale, event, video, article, anything you like) that will be featured on elephant journal’s home page under Bulletin Board and include Partner or Sponsor in title, as well as transparent statement of partnership in first line of blog. Submit native advertising to with “Sponsored Blog” in beginning of title.

Max one native advertising blog per week:

For one week feature (1 blog), $2500

For 1 month feature (max 4 blogs), $5,000

For 1 year feature (max 48 blogs) $10,000

For eternal feature, $20,000. Advantages over display advertising: viewable on mobile (50% of our readers), helps your SEO greatly, shareable on social media (twitter, Facebook, etc—elephant will actively share only if we love the content or offer, but you can and should share either way)

Display advertising:

Discount 25% for a year

Interblog Banner (between blog and comments, featured on home page): $2500/month

Skyscraper ad: $5000/month

Lead Banner ad: $10,000/month

Ad takeover (all available ads, ask us for quote)

Email your artwork (eps, etc take info) to> We will post within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

More info:

Our community includes 8 million mindful readers a month, and rising. Our demographic is choosey, active, affluent, 73% female, averaging 33 years old. Our tone is generally “young,” but our interests are shared by older demographics. If you’re a fit for our readers—fun, bold but family-friendly, hip, a little wild, caring and dedicated to walking your talk—well, you’ve come to the right place.

elephant journal is an 11-year independent publication. We’re dedicated to sharing the good word beyond the choir, to all those who don’t yet know that they give a care about the mindful life: living a good, fun life that also happens to be good for others and our planet. We’ve won a host of national awards, including #1 on twitter—twice—for #green coverage. We have 800K plus Facebook fans and twitter followers on our various pages and handles.

Our talk show, Walk the Talk, has featured big names and vital issues, always with a sense of humor and caring.

We’re moving away from noisy, small, irritating conventional advertising because it sucks and doesn’t work and gets ad-blocked and largely ignored. We’re moving toward sponsored blogs, which means you send us content that is original or that you already have created—Facebook intros can become blogs, or you can share videos, photos, event listings, excerpts from books by speakers at your event, giveaways of your product, blogs from your blog.

We practice proud transparency with a shoutout and link to you at the top of your blog:

“elephant is proud to partner with XXXX because they’re mindful in this and that way, link”

Links on elephant are valuable to you and your cause (we have a high Alexa ranking). Your sponsored blog gets featured on our Front Page with your logo (kinda like an ad!). And, Google and other search recognizes sponsored blogs, unlike ads. And, your blogs don’t get ad blocked, unlike ads. And, we and you can share sponsored blogs in social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr…again, unlike ads.

Sold? Here’s the menu.
Sponsored Blog: send your blog (photo, info, listing, video, whatever you like) to

The more interesting your blog, the more likely we’ll share it. We do not guarantee that we will share your blog (ads aren’t ever shared, remember)—but we do guarantee that we’ll feature your blog with logo on our front page and that it will connect with search and, if interesting and/or a good offer (at our editor’s sole discretion), we may share your blog with our readers. Either way, you should share your blog on elephant through your social media to help it get traction. If we see a blog doing well, we’re more likely to share it.

Here are a few recent examples of sponsored blogs:

Want one sponsored blog featured as “Mindful Deal” or “Support our Partner” in our daily or weekly newsletter? Email us for price.

Don’t want to pay via Paypal? Great! Prepay by sending us a check (email us for address) and your sponsored blog will go live upon receipt of payment and content.

Ads do not appear on mobile sites, generally. This is true for elephant, too. That said, we do give you a huge callout at the top of our mobile site, as a bonus:

This independent mobile web site brought to you by XXXXXXXX” (link)

Walk the Talk Show: elephant journal’s award-winning video series.

past guests include Deepak Chopra, Bill McKibben, Chris Sharma, Dr. Weil, Arianna Huffington, Alice Walker, congressmen & governors.

> $500 per logo in credits + thank you live & in video.

> $2,500 presenting sponsor logo up front includes title and links in blogs and video, thank you live & in video, eco schwag option.

Note: We always require prepayment or receipt of check before delivery.

prana ad


Q: Why are you doing advertorial?! I hate you! I hate life! I hate puppies!
We’re doing more than that, we’re doing straight up advertising. This just enables us to get all those crazy flash ads off our pretty site and make the site cleaner, more fun to read…which is better for you advertisers, too.

Do you offer Pay per Click or Affiliate advertising programs? No. Instead, we offer super-low prices so we can keep things simple. We don’t offer pay per click, which doesn’t adequately honor the number of ‘eyeballs’ you receive, which is what folks pay for when they buy print ads—presence. We charge less than 1/3 of other sites because we choose to keep things simple, time-light, and salesmen-free.

Do you offer reports on how our ad is doing? No. We don’t measure click-thrus, but individual advertisers of course can. You can easily see how many click thrus are coming to you through your own, free, Google Analytics.

Where do your readers live?
Our traffic comes from all over the country, and the world.


Ad Sizing: Artwork Dimensions.

Send your Ad Materials to Lindsey. Format: not illustrator. jpg or gif are preferred. Absolutely no flash/moving ads.

new belgium ad

Lead Banner Ad
Appears on the top of every page—main page, section directories, videos, and every article. Over 8 million each month and growing rapidly.

> Size 728 x 120 Pixel Banner

colorado boulder university continuing education ad

Sub-blog Banner Ad
At bottom of article & on top of popular comments section.
> Size 728 x 90

Side Prime
Appears on left side of content on every page of the site.
> Size 240 x 360



A Few Unprompted Testimonials:

Amy Ippoliti, Amy Ippoliti Yoga:

“I’ve got to tell you, that ad paid for our entire advertising budget because of how many purchases we got from one banner on By far the most successful of all our online ads! Pumped we still have more time because it really worked. Amazeballs.”

Ellen Hall, WildSpirit Yoga:

“It has been a huge success and we want more ads! Thanks again and I’ve been telling all of my yoga industry contacts that is hands-down the best advertising value ever. “

Sergio DiazGranados, Yoga Training Guide:

“I just wanted to say thank you as the ad has over-exceeded my expectations. I thought I would get around 500 clicks ($1 per click) and I would have been a happy camper. I am on track to hit 900 by the time my ad comes down (this includes the sponsored giveaway/newsletter which is giving a nice push.)”



Your ad or sponsored blog can’t go live until we have invoiced and received payment. Why? We don’t like to spend time on collections (and neither do you). Rather, we like to go for dog hikes, we like to do yoga at least twice weekly, and we like eating kale chips.

We charge an egregious fee for early cancellations.

We reserve the right not to accept sponsorships from “those who may not completely share our readers’ values,” ie douchebags.

new belgium ad

prana ad

What’s Next?

We: Post your sponsored blog or ad within 48 hours or when agreed upon, say 1st of the month.
You: Share up. The more traction, the more we’re likely to do on our end.

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