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January 19, 2021

Between the Rain Drops

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

if you are like me

i need a lot of space… 

but how much I wonder?

enough space so my body can become free of the chains, the walls, and the ceilings.

my feet turn into roots, my fingertips clouds in the sky. 

i am a giant, the genie from the bottle.

finally free, 

finally me.

then, my senses widen. 

i need that space. 


my eyes rest, my heart mind can see. 

i need that space.

my ears rest, my heart mind can hear. 

i need that space. 

my sense of smell, taste and touch rest, 

my heart mind can love. 

i need that space.

today i listen to the rain… 

my thoughts falling rain drops. 

my heart at ease, my mind at still. 

i need that space.

between the rain drops, myself is. simple.

i need that space. 

it holds infinity, light and darkness, one.



every thing.

no thing.

i need that much space

just enough

to be able 

to find you




if you 




. . . 

: )


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