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April 21, 2022

Flashes of Beauty & Light (Poetry)

Photo by Edward Eyer on Pexels.

I watched him pass

Looking for me

in a lobby full of strangers


I smiled

as I caught his eye


Remember to Breathe — 

I said quietly before standing

So much to tell

So many stories


I wished

at that moment

Before opening my mouth to speak


every mile

every minute

every day that passed

since last we met

Would disappear

and melt us into easy conversation

For our time 

Always passed too quickly

We were lightning

in a summer storm

The kind you wait for patiently

watching for flashes of light in the sky

Counting the seconds

between thunder

to anticipate it’s coming


flashes of beauty and light


But in its brevity

is gone

as quickly as it arrived


Slow down the night!

Stop the clocks!

soak our lips thru

with fine whiskey

warm our tongues

And tease our throats

Leave lipstick on the rim

of the glass we share over stolen glances


And for a moment


Let me be

once again

Reclined in his arms

Safe for a time


In this story

We call Life


He has Stolen my breathe

and Lit my eyes with laughter

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