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October 9th – 15th Winners

#1 David Baumrind $300 Editor's Pick

Breaking through Emotional Trauma to Embrace our Messy, Raw & Beautiful Lives.

#2 Rich Levesque $150

5 Things I Wish I Could Tell my Younger Self about Love & Relationships.

#3 Tiffany Timm $108 Editor's Pick

12 Native American Ethics that will Enrich your Life.

#4 Billy Manas $108 Editor's Pick

Demi Lovato’s Political Performance of “Commander in Chief” just Broke the Internet.

#5 Emily Williams $75 Editor's Pick

Why “Love yourself First before Loving Someone Else” is Bullsh*t.

#6 Leah O'Daniel $75

5 Mistaken Personality Traits that are (Actually) Signs of Hidden Trauma.

#7 Christopher Donovan $75 Editor's Pick

No, You Don’t Need to Forgive Them to Move On.

#8 Amy Vanheste $50

Single Parent Syndrome is a B*tch.

#9 Natalie Sophia $50

To the Woman Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse.

#10 Brittany Walter $50 Editor's Pick

Sincerely, the Sister Left Behind by Suicide.