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A Letter From Her-10 Years Later

Beating Hunger With Bug Bites

Lying in Bed Naked with my Sister.

Business Planning - Don't Avoid It - How to Do It?

Juan Filipe Herrera Teaches Alive Literature

Going "All-In"

I'd Move You {poem}

Symptoms of the Shift

How healing really feels like

The Forbidden Discussion of Menstruation

Every Finish Line Is The Beginning Of A New Race

Story of How You Will Heal Your Broken Heart

I would give my life for the lives of my students, your children. Would you give up your guns for mine?.

Help For Your Aching Back From A Chiropractor

The Call... A note to my fellow Light Workers.

Ahimsa - Living in Non-Violence

Poem: Spinning Plates.

American Idol

Be You

What Are Your Strongest Roots

What Fires Have You Endured

My Storm.


A Letter to THAT Girl.

What if we Skip the Thoughts & Prayers and Do Something about School Violence?

One Thousand Shards of Glass. (a poem)

A Hard Pill to Swallow.

My size, My Space, My Speed. {Poem}

About Marriage

Heart and Soul (poem).

reasonable gun safety = unconditional self love.

I Fear Nothing.

Do not Hide under the Hat.

Who is OSHO the "Guru"  that everyone quotes? (revised).

The Undue Glory of Fearlessness.

Who is OSHO the "Guru"  that everyone quotes?.

Show Me Your Ugly Parts

Singing for Meditation.

A lesson on intimacy

Embracing Disorder

The Undue Glory of Fearlessness

To the girl who is with my husband....

A poem inspired after watching my daughter play high school soccer and not being recognized for her excellence.

Mental Illness Is Man Made

Cry Baby

On love and air.

Low Dose Nuclear Radiation - Spark of Life - Foundation of Health.

Florida Governor Reality Check

Abundance is Our Natural State of Being.

Wearing a darker coat of flesh (aka being African)

Loving Your Introverted, Empathic Self in the Mirror of another

Beautifully broken.

Neighbouring windows. (poem)

For Lent, John the Baptist Gave up Checking his Status

Who sends snail mail anymore?

What Is The Unique Significance of 11:11 for YOU?

School Teacher Thoughts After a School Shooting.

Choosing Friends & Lovers

Beauty, Pain, & Truth.

Circumcision is male genital mutilation: a taboo topic that needs to come out of the closet!.


Mass Shootings: An Urgent Call for Shadow Work!

A Silly Little Poem And Some Big Thoughts On Love.


Shaman Bacwards= NamaH$

After the latest Florida Shooting—a 1969 message from Mr. Rogers that still Applies Today.

Rethinking the meaning of love.

Thoughts before I send my sons to school today.

Dark matters. {The lightness of beings}

Discovery through journaling....who are you?

A Journey Through the Yamas and Niyamas

seasonal stage. A personnification of seasons.

How Certain Events Can be Life-Changing

My Heart is Broken

This is why True Love can't be Explained.

Smile with dimples

The Impact Of Online Dating and Dating Apps On Society

What's to Hate about the Holiday of Love? Pt. 2 - The Appreciation.

In these arms. A poem about real life love for Valentines Day.

Intro: Sleeping with a (ex) lover.

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