March 29, 2008

The Mindful Motorist : This Sedan Cleans the air… and it’s not a Toyota.

It’s not often when you read that a large barge of a vehicle like the BMW 7-series not only is super efficent but actually improves air quality. This Bimmer isn’t some basic model, nor is it cheap or light but it does get powered by a hydrogen burning V12 Engine. Despite the long-shot of hydrogen becoming a common fuel medium, this week the BMW Hydrogen 7 was put to task by the Argonne National Laboratory (where’s that?) and demonstrating its eco creed by pouncing the SULEV (Super Low Emissions Vehicle) standards. The lab’s chief smart guy in a white coat declaring, “the car’s engine actively cleans the air. Argonne’s testing shows that the Hydrogen 7’s 12-cylinder engine actually shows emissions levels that, for certain components, are cleaner than the ambient air that comes into the car’s engine.”That just means we need about every exec and celeb in LA dropping serious dosh for a Hydrogen 7 and sooner or later we’ll get some smog clean-up. But it’s a bit of a pipe dream at the moment with hydrogen being a bit cumbersome to store, transport and deliver to customers.via: Autobloggreen 

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