March 29, 2008

The Political Junky: Hillary’s Bosnia Gaffe

 As a young political junky, this election year has already been a long one. The candidates have been campaigning for more than 16 months and the Democrats (because of their own delegate system) still don’t have a nominee. The political attrition has been taking its toll on voter’s minds but you never know, the Democratic fight might have John McCain searching for a way into the headlines.Much talk of the week was circling around Hillary Clinton and her decision to stay in the race despite nearly insurmountable odds. I make no secret that I love Barack, but Hillary’s dastardly attempts to legitimize her running is getting a bit on the self-destruct mode. This week she took lots of flack from media outlets (surprise! they sometimes report news) over “misspeaking” about her “dangerous” mission to war torn Bosnia when her Billy C reigned at the White House. Realistically, she should know that in the age where every historical clip is available as evidence of deception, she should be a bit more careful with how she presents her past “experience”. This clip pretty much sums it all up: 

 As her hilarious divisive circus continues, don’t be surprised to see a full on implosion of the Clinton campaign in the coming days/weeks. It’s an unfortunate turn of events, but I would rather eat my shoe than see her Administration be as poorly run as her campaign. by Alex King – elevision videoguru/politics junkie

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Read 3 comments and reply

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