The Political Junky: Hillary’s Bosnia Gaffe

Via Alex King
on Mar 29, 2008
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 As a young political junky, this election year has already been a long one. The candidates have been campaigning for more than 16 months and the Democrats (because of their own delegate system) still don’t have a nominee. The political attrition has been taking its toll on voter’s minds but you never know, the Democratic fight might have John McCain searching for a way into the headlines.Much talk of the week was circling around Hillary Clinton and her decision to stay in the race despite nearly insurmountable odds. I make no secret that I love Barack, but Hillary’s dastardly attempts to legitimize her running is getting a bit on the self-destruct mode. This week she took lots of flack from media outlets (surprise! they sometimes report news) over “misspeaking” about her “dangerous” mission to war torn Bosnia when her Billy C reigned at the White House. Realistically, she should know that in the age where every historical clip is available as evidence of deception, she should be a bit more careful with how she presents her past “experience”. This clip pretty much sums it all up: 

 As her hilarious divisive circus continues, don’t be surprised to see a full on implosion of the Clinton campaign in the coming days/weeks. It’s an unfortunate turn of events, but I would rather eat my shoe than see her Administration be as poorly run as her campaign. by Alex King – elevision videoguru/politics junkie


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3 Responses to “The Political Junky: Hillary’s Bosnia Gaffe”

  1. elephant says:

    Funny but mean-spirited with grain of truth: she tends to exaggerate her role as First Lady (so would I, in her position). That said, I think it’s not cool to delight in other’s misfortune or mistakes–that’s just un-Buddhist, dude. That said, keep up the blogs, we can all argue all we want, and it’s great you care enough about the future of our nation to be finding this stuff online all ze time!



  2. alex says:

    Yes indeed. It’s a bit ferocious but this is politics, not kindergarden. hehe.

    And are you going to argue that she deserves light treatment for running such a poor campaign based around the air of inevitability.

    No, that doesn’t make her a bad person at all, she has great ideas and vision but she managed it so poorly and doesn’t know when to concede. That’s the alarming part. She says she is a fighter, okay, but haven’t we had enough of that in the last 8 years?

  3. alex says:

    It’s political theater, too. They’re all a bit crooked – and un-mindful. To call them out for missing the ethical boat is what independent media should do. Mean spirited would be if I made anything up or took a swipe at her personal side. It’s mostly her managerial abilities that I find so hilariously appalling,

    Anyways, off to bed.