April 17, 2008

Inept ABC “Journalists” Waste a Debate

Just in case you were attending either elevision or Madeline Albright’s speech at CU on Wednesday night, you might have missed the ABC Pennsylvania Debate. Let me just sum it up for you. Worst. Debate. Ever.

No real questions about the state of the economy with the housing collapse or the entrenched mess of Iraq, but instead the horrifyingly bad ABC pundints focused on lapel pins, Reverend Wright … and freeing 60s radicals. Yes, I’m serious. It’s no wonder that Americans remain uneducated about their own country’s policies. ABC’s coverage makes apathy look like a great option.

Over at the Huffington Post they were wondering if the journalistic bar could have been lowered with some questions like these:

“Any chance at a “Dream Ticket?”

“Bitter, much?””Do you think your opponent stands a chance against McCain?”

“What about Reverend Wright?”

“Wait. I have an even stupider question about Reverend Wright.”

“Seriously. Who were you fooling with that Bosnia shizz?”

“Hey, Hussein! Why no American flag lapel pin?”

“Hey, Sean Hannity wanted me to ask you something, Barack! I got a question on the Weather Underground! Maybe later we’ll talk about the Symbionese Liberation Army!”

Nights like these, I wonder why I am a Democrat, despite my adoration of the sort of politics that Obama represents. We’ll see where it goes next…

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