Classic Porsche leaves you feeling all-electric inside

Via Alex King
on Jul 3, 2008
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With the debate still racing (ohhhh metaphors, how I love thee!) over the real carbon-saving costs of the Prius, along comes a group of environmentalists in California who are converting classic cars into all-electric cars. It’s a move brimming with both nostalgia and frustration over car company’s neglect of offering a electric solution to consumers. This is where the Prius becomes a “gas guzzler”

Now, all I have to is convert ele’s 1967 Alfa Romeo to electric. But oh we will miss that Alfa noise!

Read the whole article here via the LA Times.


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One Response to “Classic Porsche leaves you feeling all-electric inside”

  1. Paul Felix Schott says:

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    The surplus of Electric not used will then be used to split water into Hydrogen. The Hydrogen will be put into a tank like most farmer and people living out of town already have. This Hydrogen will power their stove to cook, car to drive and power generator to use as electric at night.

    Very soon the need for the Power Grid will be gone for most. As the great need for Oil will no longer be needed.

    There were 200 electric taxi cabs in New York City way before 200 gas Taxi cabs came into being there.

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    Paul Felix Schott

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    The day will come soon for many a car when the exteriors will be coated with Solar Cells and each wheel will have its own electric motor/ generator like dis brakes they will be able to replace them very easy. You will be able to upgrade the HP. Almost like changing a tire.