LOHAS: Why Organic & Biodynamic Wine Matters, with Organic Vintners.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Jul 16, 2008
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Why Organic & Biodynamic Wine Matters…with our man in the vineyard, Paolo Bonetti of Organic Vintners.


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7 Responses to “LOHAS: Why Organic & Biodynamic Wine Matters, with Organic Vintners.”

  1. […] of Elephant Magazine recently interviewed Paolo Bonetti, of the cool Organic Vinters, about “LOHAS: Why Organic & Biodynamic Wine Matters, with Organic Vintners.”  For those who do not know, LOHAS means “Lifestyles of Health and […]

  2. admin says:

    Paolo, the godfather of organic vino, is a gentleman working to get out the good word on (naturally) great wine. This was one of our last of 45 interviews in 2.5 days at LOHAS…my voice and brain were falling apart, but Paolo for one is worth listening to!

  3. Localsurf says:

    I read article on organic wine in Elephant magazine about two years ago and opened my eyes to organic wines. Had some of the best tasting wines from Organic Vinteers and then found in the local liquor stores.

  4. emily says:

    Hi, my name is Emily, and I am happily interning with Jurlique. We are a biodynamic skin-care company with over 150 acres of certified biodynamic farmland in Adelaide, Australia. I came across your blog about biodynamic wines and see that we have common interests! I have to admit, after working with Jurlique for a few months, I have come to be a true biodynamic believer, whatever the product! It’s so encouraging to see other groups also moved by biodynamic values! Please let me know if you ever need anything, we would love to continue a relationship!
    -Emily [email protected]

  5. Hi,
    three quick things to say;
    1) Wonderful website, so many appealing and positive ideas being really playfully put together. Something about the motivation comes through and Elephant Journal endorsement actually appeals to me a lot.
    2) It is great to see so many aspects of this website artfully curbing the momentum of todays culture. I think this idea of appreciating process, slowing down, relating to what we are doing, seeing, eating, drinking! (organic wine… sweeet) etc, is a really positive thing. I had an epiphany while riding on my bike (in Adelaide Hills, see third point), many us live better than many kings and queens 200 years ago, yet we don’t seem to see ourselves as kings and queens, we are really so lucky to be able to enjoy scented soaps, organic wines, hot baths etc.etc. While thinking this I imagined I was a king (bike becomes horse) riding through the country side… Emaho!
    3) What the?!? Adelaide people checking out a website by some Colorado Buddhist Hippy (sorry Waylon…), you guys are really reaching the remote corners of the world when you start getting 2 Adelaide people (who don’t know each other) posting on your page. There are only 7 of us who live in Adelaide.
    So just wanted to say congrats on subverting the social momentum of the world in a positive direction.
    Big love to little media (“Minikomi” in Japanese, little media)
    LOL Paddy
    (ps website link is my wife’s site for vintage/japanese childrens clothes)

  6. […] Alice Waters—I was hoping to make it this year to do some and am bummed to have missed Fetzer of biodynamic wine-fame. Next year, we’ll be there in force—stay tuned for our video from Alex and Matas, […]

  7. Maria Wallie says:

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