August 14, 2008

Support Locally-Owned & Operated Businesses First?

I first saw the above graphic (click on image or here to see a larger view) through my friends at the Sustainable Business Network (SBNYC) of New York City.  The Network was recently launched to organize, support and grow local sustainable business in all five boroughs. SBNYC is New York City’s BALLE affiliate, and the charts above are from another member organization in West Michigan called Local First, but apply to communities throughout the U.S.  Check out where your dollars go if you choose to support a local business over a nationally owned corporation: non-profit support, employment, reduction of environmental impact, and the list goes on. For more information, take a look at Michael H. Shuman’s “Going Local” or “Values Sell” by Nadine A. Thompson and Angela E. Soper.

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My Keepon Nov 23, 2011 7:39am

A robot has no Soul, so it would probably not be very original in the ‘groove’ department. . It would probably just randomly flail it’s metal limbs around all over the place…

Deborah Jul 29, 2009 4:50am

The part I can't quite figure out about this is does this mean there should be no multinationals or does this mean that if we have a company in Boulder that sells stuff nationwide or even abroad (think of our local soy companies, for example) that people who live elsewhere should not buy their products because they are from elsewhere? If so, how would these companies stay the size they are? Or should they get smaller and just serve locals?

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