elephant journal’s ‘Eco Crush Number Nine’ is…Yoga Teacher Malachi Melville.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 5, 2008
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11th in a series by elephant staff and friends and writers on “Mindful Crushes”, both men and women, past and present.

Photo [Saam Gabbay] linked, just click on it.

I’m in love with the lovely Malachi Melville, a famous/fabulous yoga teacher who’s been featured on the cover of a half-dozen magazines (including Yoga Journal, of course). I even got to meet her a few times, and can attest that she’s as dignified and full of integrity and sweet, funny, fun as you could ask for. So, Miss Malachi makes elephant’s Mindful Crush Top Ten list (I posted the last one on green Nascar racer Leilani Munter, and someone on my staff is still too shy to post elephant journal’s Eco Crush Number 8, Graham Hill).

This is from her site:

I came to yoga through the blessing of a sudden injury. When I was attending the University of Colorado, Boulder, I was very enthusiastic about running. By the time I graduated, I was competitively racing 10k’s and half marathons.

In 1996, while in massage school, I unfortunately herniated a disc in my lumbar spine while I was training to run the Seattle Marathon….

I never made it to the starting line but ironically did find my way into what would become my life path, yoga. For over 6 years I studied primarily Ashtanga yoga with Maty Ezraty, but eventually expanded upon this to diversity my practice. I now practice primarily at home, but still loves to drop into Iyngar and vinyasa flow classes.

My style of teaching has been greatly influenced by my Ashtanga background and interest in alignment from the Iyengar method. I like to incorporate an awareness of breath, the deeper meaning of the yoga philosophy, life understanding, while maintaining plenty of personal attention and adjustments. I have been most influenced by teachers in my life who have not only shown deep understanding of the body, but also of spirit, humility, and kindness.

I have been teaching at Yoga Works since 1996. I obtained my 500-hour registered yoga teacher certificate, and am currently teaching the 200-hour teacher training courses at YogaWorks and abroad.

I love to teache multiple types of clients and especially love to work with professional athletes.

You might want to know…


Favorite things:

Taking my dog for a walk

Watching the sunset of the ocean.

Being in the mountains

Why yoga?

To feel at peace and balanced with the earth.

Favorite pose:

Depends on the day but a few of my favorites are trikona-asana, vishchica-asana, and of course shava-asana.


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10 Responses to “elephant journal’s ‘Eco Crush Number Nine’ is…Yoga Teacher Malachi Melville.”

  1. Ali says:

    Malachi is now teaching classes at the Yoga Pod (Boulder) and she’s awesome and lovely. Come take a class with me!!

  2. Henry says:

    If you practice with intention, mindfulness, and a sense of humor about yourself, you will quickly gain a profound appreciation for Malachi. I hope everyone in Boulder gets an opportunity to experience what a gifted teacher and lovely person she is.

  3. Rachel says:

    Boulder you are blessed to have the awesome Malachi. She is deeply missed in California but I look forward to her touching as many lives in Colorado as she did out here. Take her class, sign up and become just a little more balanced!

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  5. […] first few Green Crushes…ecofashion designer Lauren Bush at #7, yoga teacher (and cover model) Malachi Melville at #8, green race car driver Leilani Munter at #10…are all subject to my idolatry not just […]

  6. i just practiced vinyasa flow while watching malachi on sportskool on demand (cable tv). the ease with which she speaks while in certain poses is a testament to her connection. i feel as if i've learned quite a bit from her even without her personal guidance.

    malachi has inspired me to seek out a yoga practitioner here in upstate new york so i, too, can overcome a bit of sciatica. thanks!

  7. Rosa says:

    Malachi is teaching a second teacher training at Blissful Yoga in Phoenix, Az. and is becoming a true influence in the valley's yoga world. Her mindful movement approach is absolutely amazing as well as her beautiful, honest and fun approach. My mentor… thank you.

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  9. I don;t know how you find the time to write so well but here is a little something

    A little bit of powder, a little bit of paint, makes a girl’s complexion seem what it ain’t. 🙂