Sarah Palin’s Support of Aerial Wolf Gunning.

Via Lindsey Wolf
on Sep 12, 2008
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Maybe it’s because my last name is Wolf. But this one really got to me. In an article via Exiled Online, John Dolan, a member of Defenders of Wildlife, outlines Palin’s history with aerial wolf gunning. This is the practice of shooting wolves from airplanes, something that Palin, through proposed legislation and cash incentives, has encouraged.

“Aerial Wolf Gunning 101” was the best article I could find to even begin to understand such a practice. Apparently many hunters have found the practice unsportsmanlike (imagine) and thus it was deemed illegal by Congress in 1972. However, Palin is using a loophole regarding predator control, the idea being that in killing the wolves, there are more moose and caribou for humans to hunt and feed their families.

Dolan explains that Palin used 400K of state money to create a campaign against a proposed ban on the practice. She was successful when on August 26th, the initiative was defeated. To me that’s an infuriating use of state money with a very sad result.



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  2. mike says:

    Two competing plans for a Minnesota wolf hunt in the fall will be discussed at a hearing today at the state Capitol.

    Up to 400 wolves would be killed by up to 6,000 hunters and trappers under a Department of Natural Resources plan to be introduced to lawmakers in Senate and House committees.