October 1, 2008

I don’t want a Senator representing me who can’t listen to a single full sentence without interrupting: Bob Schaffer vs. Mark Udall on Meet the Press w/Tom Brokaw

I would hate to be share a beer with Bob Schaffer—he acts like a bully with ADHD. I’ve liked Congressman Mark Udall for years, since interviewing him for elephant journal a couple years back at The Spot Climbing Gym. He listens—even to hecklers (memorably, in one speech in front of City Hall, I remember the crowd booing and shouting at a Republican heckler, Mark said ‘wait, let’s hear her out,’ the lady kept screaming profanities, and Mark, disappointed, said, ‘you can do better than that’ and moved on. He’s got a proven record of working across the aisle for Coloradoans’ sake. All politicos talk about ‘bipartisanship,’ it sounds nice. Few do it—it’s hard work and you wound up getting criticized by your own base.

After seeing this video, I’m doing more than putting a Udall sign in my front yard, which I’ve had for a few months along with my Jared Polis sign. I’m gonna donate, and get active. Not merely because I’m a proud, environmentally-passionate, fiscally-concerned “Boulder liberal,’ which I am—but because I’m a patriot: I don’t want assholes representing the Stars and Stripes. And, because I’m not an idiot. Schaffer makes Bushcheney look like they got listening skillz—he needs a good spanking from his papa, or Brokaw, who pretty well sits this one out.


 Bonus vids from Schaffer & Udall’s teams:


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