Panel to Palin: “You abused your power.” Palin: “No, I didn’t—see? I cleared myself!”

Via Todd Mayville
on Oct 10, 2008
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I’m not sure who actually said, “from the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step,” but it definitely applies to the recent antics of our dear Ms. Palin.

A bipartisan ethics panel has found Palin guilty of abusing her power in the firing of the Alaska state safety commissioner over his refusal to fire a state trooper.  Not surprisingly, Palin’s supporters called the decision politically motivated, led by supporters of Barack Obama (seemingly forgetting that the bipartisan, Alaska-based investigation started before she was tapped to be the Republican VP candidate), and in an even more amusing twist, Palin released her own report, clearing herself of any wrongdoing

So at what point will McCain say “Okay, enough’s enough, Sarah…time for you to go home?”


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2 Responses to “Panel to Palin: “You abused your power.” Palin: “No, I didn’t—see? I cleared myself!””

  1. anna says:

    Too much drama! If she is abusing her power here it’s obvious she will abuse her power in the White House.

  2. […] week’s Palin adventure was the release of the report in which the findings concluded that Palin abused her power as governor in the whole “Troopergate” dustup.  You know things can’t be good […]