Shepard Fairey’s Iconic Obama Images

Via Lindsey Wolf
on Oct 3, 2008
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Originally published in, like, June or something.

I took the photo above yesterday a block from my apartment at 52 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. I just loved the image so much it literally made me stop in the street to take a closer look and then return with my camera later. Then, I had to find out more about the artist and history of the poster. This is when I really love the internet. Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, but I was unfamiliar with its creator Shepard Fairey, of which the Huffington Post just deemed the “poster boy of the 2008 election.” I quickly found out by googling that the poster is now sold out but was originally printed by Obey Giant. Here’s a link from their site to some great photos of the poster in other locations. Perhaps my friends who are in Denver this week can let me know if folks there are talking about the latest issue of 5280, with a cover image that was also created by Fairey, or gotten to the art exhibit he’s also spearheading in Denver called “Manifest Hope.” You can see some of the images at the online gallery here.


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