7-11 Election Results ~ Colfax Avenue in Denver

Via Dale
on Nov 11, 2008
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An election evening visit to my local 7-11 store on Colfax Avenue. Not surprisingly, the blue Obama cups were hard to find – and the red McCain cups were stacked up all over the store. This “7-election” claims to have called the last two elections correctly. With some help from the store clerk I found one of the last few Obama cups available, and headed home to drink my Obama Java and watch the big party at Chicagos’ Grant Park.

7-11 Election Results from Colorado Mountain Gypsy hq on Vimeo.


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I love to film devotional music and dance. I have been documenting the Dances of Universal Peace with photographs, audio and video ~ as well as other devotional activities such as Kirtan, Zikr and Meditation. Most of my professional experience has been as a newspaper photojournalist ~ but in this era of YouTube and High-Quality video sharing...one can reach a world wide audience and save a lot of paper ! I keep connected to the Earth through gardening, hiking and savoring the regions Hot Springs. Cottonwood in Buena Vista being the best relatively close Hot Spring. I moved to Denver 4 years ago from Seattle, Washington for Love AND Music both of which can be found in abundance in Colorado. I help various communities stay in touch through the creation and use of the Social Networking site Ning.com ~ and these "Nings" are great ways to share Video, Audio and Photographs to bring similar interest groups of people together to view the sites and possibly join by sharing their profiles with other web-community folks. Sometimes I take a break in filming these devotional activities and join in the dancing and singing as well as playing Dulcimer, Concertina and Harp. I found Elephant Magazine while playing for a Kirtan at Studio Be and life has never been the same. & Waylon answers emails in lightning fast speed ! Jai Ele ! ! !


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