November 25, 2008

elephant journal reviews: Guayaki—San Mateo Mate.

Who can resist a college project turned sustainable business offering intoxicatingly good tea and a negative carbon footprint? Certainly not Guayaki founders Alex Pryor and David Karr, whose award-winning eco-biz now stands as a role model to other companies striving for sustainability and success.

And did I mention they make great mate? Their newest offering, San Mateo Mate, is shade-grown, sustainably-forested and air-dried in the Brazilian sun. Its bright, clean, vegetal taste lacks that characteristic mate smokiness, giving you a yummy, organic, fair trade buzz.

It’s easy to get down on your bank account these days, so sip some San Mateo mate and feel confident that your $12/lb expenditure actually protects South American rainforests, takes carbon out of the atmosphere, and bathes your insides with antioxidants. For Guayaki, money DOES grow on trees! Packaging is biodegradable, too. Pick some Guayaki mate up at your local Whole Foods or go online at www.guayaki.com for better deals.

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Caroline Treadway

Caroline Treadway is a professional freelance photographer and writer who shoots editorial and commercial work, including photojournalism, sports, portraits and weddings. She received her master’s degree in journalism from Boston University in 2010. Caroline’s passion for journalism is evident in the variety of stories she covers and the depth of her reporting, documenting the unique and powerful moments of life. Recently, Caroline has been documenting the life of Navajo geo-botanist Arnold Clifford and threats to rare plant species in the Four Corners region of the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and Arizona. As a journalist, Caroline seeks to overcome the traditional boundaries between photographer and reporter. This multi-platform approach gives her the flexibility to create visual stories for a rapidly changing media world.