Buy One, Get One…Killed?

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on Dec 17, 2008
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I adopted a dog, named Scotch at the time, a year ago. Now known throughout Boulder as Redford, my little white with caramel spots half-hound half-lab is cute, easy-going, friendly…a man’s best friend.

Still, I could’ve adopted an exact breed via one of a thousand web sites or puppy stores. So why didn’t I? Because something like 8 million dogs and cats are put to death, each year, because not enough folks choose to rescue. So if you’re looking for your next cat or dog (etc!), start with your local Humane Society or


As expected, Joe Biden’s choice to buy a puppy from a breeder in Pennsylvania instead of resucing one from a shelter has drawn the attention of PETA. “By paying money to a dog breeder, the Bidens have in effect signed a death warrant for a loving dog at an animal shelter who would have been thrilled to go home with them,” says PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch. “Mr. Biden ran for office on a promise of change, but he’s missed the boat by ignoring this country’s animal overpopulation crisis.”

In retaliation, PETA is airing its controversial “Buy One, Get One Killed” ad on TV stations serving the Wilmington area; Biden’s hometown. According to the press release, the ad lays the blame for the deaths of deserving “pound pups” ….

…Update: A new poll from CNN says that Americans agree the Obamas should rescue a pup from a shelter. “By a 2-to-1 margin…

Here’s the rest, via Ecorazzi. And here’s the ad!


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11 Responses to “Buy One, Get One…Killed?”

  1. deb says:

    All dogs need a home.

  2. John Nemes says:

    I’m 100% for the ethical treatment of animals, but I’m also for prioritizing. With the world being in the state it is, is there something better PETA could be focusing on? Could they do things a little less bitchy? I don’t think it’s working, I used to love them and now their tactics and edge turn me off.

  3. admin says:

    They are bitchy–but it does seem to work. Every year they’re converting a few huge chains to more ethical practices. With the world being in the state that it is, taking care of our weaker species and ecosystem would seem to be a great place to start as far as compassion goes—at home—with our domestic pets.

  4. SJM says:

    if PETA doesn’t say it, who will? the animal populations are the least-represented population on the planet and for the most part are disregarded by the legal system. honestly, i support PETA’s brash tactics most of the time. it takes a lot these days to pull people out of their mind-numbed tv trances and pharmie-induced comas. and, seriously, what’s with these “bitchy” puns?

  5. John says:

    I would be much more sympathetic to PETA’s objections if all dogs are created equal — but they aren’t. There are a variety of reasons why someone may prefer a dog from a breeder over a shelter dog. Having purchased dogs from breeders, I knew full-well what I was getting and, given my living arrangements at the time, this was very important. These issues become even more relevant when there are small children in the home.

    I now have a rescue puppy that I was told was 8 weeks old, a boxer-beagle mix, and would grow to “no more than 45#.” “Max” is now 9 months old, 65#, and still growing. Although none of this matters to me now, things would be entirely different if I still lived in a condo that only permitted dogs under 50#.

    VPE Biden responsibly chose a companion that he feels is best for his family. Rather than attack him for a very personal decision, PETA could have used this as an opportunity to highlight the evils of puppy mills; the need for all pet owners to spay & neuter their pets; and to encourage municipalities to require the same for all pets.

    It is precisely because of PETA’s ham-fisted approach to everything that I do not support them. I do, however, donate to the no-kill shelters in my area and encourage like-minded individuals to do the same.

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  7. Stewart says:

    Yes, and now that PETA, which is known for jump first and ask questions later, has learned more about this story and its background, they are liking Biden again? I say phooey. PETA needs to stop being intentionally controversial to get attention, and use smarts and some heart that they think they have. I’ve rescued dogs my whole life (I’m owned by two rescued retrievers now) and I would never judge Joe Biden and his choice…EVER. Some groups have used this story personal vendettas. btw, the Biden Grandkids named Joe’s puppy “Champ,” a most perfect name as and many of us know Biden’s story and the strength he derived from this nickname given by his dad. I remember well the shock I felt from attack comments when Joe first got his puppy. Aside from the knee-jerk comments, it was quickly forgotten all of the exceptional animal and human advocacy Joe Biden is involved with and has supported throughout his life and career (yes, from adopting shelter animals to vigorously advocating for children, women, and victims of atrocities in Darfur…one of the few politicians who actually visited the country to make a difference.) His gift from Jill, who promised him a puppy should he and Obama win election, is all the more wonderful as this was all Joe Biden asked for… especially for someone who has unselfishly served others as his life’s work. Champ will be a great comfort in many ways to our next vice president. I say good for both Champs.

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