New Music: New Year’s Podcast from Waylon’s Party, Now Online.

Via Alex King
on Jan 5, 2009
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For those of the ladies and gents dancing at Hotelephant’s New Year’s party, the ‘distilled’ rendition of the mix, “Midnight in an Imperfect World” is now online for you to enjoy. For those les elephants that missed the party yet still want to dance around to make up for lost time, you too can download it at my 3015 Sessions Podcast site. It’s not exactly the playlist from New Year’s Eve but similar too, if not better. 2 hours of free and hip tracks from ele’s own amateur vinyl DJ.

As per my verbal contract with Sir Lewis, I am bound to tout its “eco/mindfulness” – as for playing vinyl, it sounds better (health), you don’t have to ship anything when you podcast (carbon footprint), it’s free (pocketbook), and music will bring joy to your brain (mellowness in a mad world).

So tune into the 3015 Sessions, ready to download to your computer or iPhone and (shamless plug) push the Subscribe button to have iTunes automatically download new future episode. No matter your musical expertise, It will make socializing with scenesters more irreverent when you have heard some fresh or antique tracks.


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3 Responses to “New Music: New Year’s Podcast from Waylon’s Party, Now Online.”

  1. Janelle says:

    Alex – I was really excited to hear the mix, but the link on the 3015 website isn't working. I'll try again later…

  2. admin says:

    I just tried the link and it works fine for me if not go to

  3. i’m stoked to listen to this… the mixes look super fantastic… nice! just subscribed… and i just bought a technics turntable… yumm…