Do you want to move to South America? You can pioneer sustainable living!

Via Caroline Clark
on Feb 27, 2009
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tigre eco-villageI just met Leonardo Jara, an enthusiastic and mindful property owner from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

I have moved to the city to study spanish and politics for the semester. In my first few days of wandering the city, I stumbled upon the enormous community of Buenos Aires Couch Surfers. BA has the third most active network in the world, and Leonardo is using it for good purpose. 

Have you heard of Eco-village?  The aim of this group is to create sustainable settlements across the world.  Leonardo, with his  plot of land in Tigre has begun the initiative an hour north of the polluted, bustling city center. 

Cambiamos el futuro
Here is a link to Leonardo’s Eco-blog.  

This video describes the dream of creating an eco-village by a group of friends who networked with people from all over the world via They want to document the creation of this eco-village as it is built by hand. 

Keep in tune for more updates. If you are interested in getting involved with the project, contact Leonardo at [email protected]


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3 Responses to “Do you want to move to South America? You can pioneer sustainable living!”

  1. amy says:

    i wanna see this when i visit!!!

  2. soto says:

    I've found a website where they say than Leonardo sleeps and have sex with all girls who visit him. HAHA. Is this true?

  3. shawn says:

    sign me up