War Child Music. [Lily Allen, Franz Ferdinand, TV on the Radio]

Via Lindsey Wolf
on Feb 9, 2009
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U.K.-based War Child works with children affected by war in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. “War Child: Heroes” is a new support campaign linking celebrated musical artists with recent acts. The album will be released internationally on February 16th and features fifteen unique cover songs. The concept behind the album was for musical legends to hand-pick the artists to create unique versions of their songs, the idea being to include placing faith in the next generation, which mirrors War Child’s work. You can read more about the album here, and also on facebook, where I first listened to clips of tracks from the album which features Lily Allen, Franz Ferdinand, TV on the Radio (my fav!) and others.



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2 Responses to “War Child Music. [Lily Allen, Franz Ferdinand, TV on the Radio]”

  1. Heather says:

    Artistic collaboration for an important cause, I love it!

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